A-life Healthy Living Workshops

Boys in Years 1, 3 and 5 took part in workshops with A-life, a leading provider of Healthy Living Workshops for primary schools, consolidating their PSHE topics about Keeping Healthy and, for Year 5, had an introduction to Alcohol and Drug Awareness.  

A-life ran two different activities with three year groups. Firstly, Year 5 enjoyed a session about Alcohol and Drug awareness, consolidating their classwork on healthy lifestyles and smoking whilst introducing the dangers associated with other types of drugs. This linked to a previous topic of peer pressure and the importance of making good decisions. By addressing these topics in a workshop. the boys were able to ask questions, read information, take part in practical activities and reflect on these important issues in an engaging, memorable manner. 

Years 1 and 3 were able to conclude their Keeping Healthy topics by completing over 20 different challenges related to maintaining a balanced diet, rest, hydration, exercise and food provenance. For example, the boys were challenged to find different fruits and vegetables, decide how to group different food types, complete respiratory and skeletal puzzles and order the sugar content of different foods and drinks. The enormous array of materials helped the boys to learn in a kinaesthetic and visual way, consolidating lots of different knowledge and working together to complete each challenge. A fun and engaging activity for staff and boys alike!



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