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Davenies School

Every stage of Davenies school life presents the boys with a chance to Engage, Inspire and Challenge not only themselves, but their peers too. From Years 3 through to 8, they will broaden their curriculum activity, become more independent and develop their intellectual maturity.

Whether it is within the Junior School, Middle School or Senior School, Davenies’ boys excel in their educational journey.

Years 3 and 4 bring an additional daily lesson and a broader curriculum. With two classes per year group, the boys are predominantly taught by their class teachers in our award-winning Jubilee Building, as well as making the best use of our excellent specialist teaching and learning facilities. Classrooms are spacious and well-resourced; ample indoor and outdoor break-out space is adjacent to the classrooms for extending the learning experience.

The Junior School curriculum encompasses English, Mathematics (adopting a Singapore Maths style approach to teaching and learning), Science, History, Geography, Religious Studies and PSHE with the addition of specialist teaching for: Art, Computing, Design Technology, Drama, Modern Foreign Languages (French and Spanish), Music, PE & Games, and Swimming. The breadth and challenge of the curriculum make for a purposeful programme that is well supported by Co-Curricular Activities.

The boys use technology increasingly to enhance their learning experience. In Year 4, the boys are given a personal iPad to use, which will be their learning companion as they move up through the School. In this way, they can use specific learning apps and software to enrich their understanding and communication skills. The boys learn to share and collaborate through paired and group work, building positive relationships and developing self-confidence.

Additionally, all the boys have opportunities to join in the Co-Curricular Activities offered, play in sporting fixtures against other schools, and perform publicly in Drama and Music.

On entering Year 5, pupils take an important step in the process of becoming independent. With the Form Tutor playing a vital role in day-to-day pastoral care and personal development, the boys are taught exclusively by specialist teachers from hereon. The boys are taught in specialist classrooms, including science facilities appropriate for a wide range of practical experiments.

The boys, therefore, encounter a greater number of teachers who provide a stimulating environment, within which the boys experience increased awareness of how they learn. The boys are motivated to meet challenges, secure in the knowledge that they will be both supported and encouraged to keep moving forward.

The academic curriculum encompasses: English, Mathematics (adopting a Singapore Maths style approach to teaching and learning), Science, Modern Foreign Languages (French and Spanish), History, Geography, Religious Studies, Computing, Design Technology, PSHE and Study Skills supported by a commitment to high-quality Sport, Music, Drama and Art.

The boys are grouped into two classes, however, they are academically set into three groups for Mathematics and English.

In Year 6, Latin is introduced to the curriculum. At this point the boys learn three languages within the curriculum (French, Spanish and Latin), ensuring that they benefit from a broad language learning experience.

The final two years at Davenies see the boys develop their intellectual maturity and take greater responsibility for their learning. The curriculum provides excellent preparation for the GCSE years that the boys will encounter when they move on to their next schools. Underpinned by the Independent Schools Examination Board syllabus, the programme of study is broad and challenging. The boys’ ongoing education is fostered by expert specialist teachers.

The academic curriculum encompasses: English, Mathematics, Science, Modern French, Latin, History, Geography, PSHE, Religious Studies, Computing, Art, Design & Technology, Drama, Music, Sport.

In addition, the boys take part in the Davenies Award Scheme (DAS), which enriches their learning with endeavour projects, entrepreneurship, life skills, debating, charitable enterprises and a broad range of cultural, creative and active experiences.

We aim to provide an exciting learning environment that equips the boys to not only transfer successfully to the country’s leading senior schools, but also empower them to thrive when they get there. The boys will be prepared for the variety of entrance tests required as appropriate to their chosen future school, from individual school entrance tests to the Common Entrance exams and Scholarships.

Throughout this process, we remain committed to providing an extensive educational experience for the boys, fostering in them a more mature, ambitious and independent approach to study and sustaining their commitment right across the curriculum.

There are many more opportunities in Years 7 and 8 for increased personal development and this is supported by our tutoring system; this ensures that each boy benefits from the day-to-day pastoral care and mentoring provided by their tutor.

Davenies School


Healthy Eating


Years 7 and 8

The Senior School side of Davenies places its emphasis on an educational experience involving leadership, teamwork, independent thought and personal development. As with all of our year groups, the School’s vision to Engage, Inspire and Challenge is always at the heart of everything that we do, but we like to enhance the individuality of the older boys and really help them to exceed their own expectations.

We recognise that boys mature rapidly between the ages of 11-13, and see year after year that being in a prep school environment is the best place for them to develop both emotionally and educationally. Being at the top of the School gives boys the chance to flourish and grow in confidence at this crucial stage in their education and life. They have the chance to take on increasing amounts of responsibility, influence the whole school community as leaders and benefit from a first-rate enrichment programme.

Davenies School
Davenies School

Preparation for GCSE years

In Years 7 and 8, boys develop their intellectual maturity and in turn, take greater responsibility for their own personal learning. The exciting school curriculum provides excellent preparation for the GCSE years that the boys will encounter when they move on to their next schools. Underpinned by the Independent Schools Examination Board syllabus, the programme of study is broad, yet challenging and our exciting learning environment equips the boys to not only transfer successfully to the country’s leading senior schools, but also empowers them to thrive when they get there.

Pupils moving on from Davenies in Year 8 are well-prepared for the variety of appropriate entrance tests that greet them as they embark on their next educational journey to their chosen future school. These range from individual school entrance tests to the Common Entrance Exams and Scholarships.

The boys’ ongoing education thrives with the help of the School’s expert specialist teachers and our highly-personalised tutor system. This ensures that each pupil benefits from the day-to-day pastoral care and mentoring provided by their tutor, with whom they work throughout both years of Senior School.

Davenies School
Davenies School
Davenies School


The boys are often presented with opportunities to take the lead at Davenies, not only to make their voices heard and contribute to the running of their school but also to enhance and grow their own confidence and leadership skills. In Year 8, all boys are referred to as ‘Leaders’.

We believe in leadership through service and that all boys are able to develop their skills and make a positive impact on their school community. This is why all boys are given meaningful roles within the School that are tailored to their individual interests and passions. Areas of leadership include: Academics, Sports, Art, Music, Drama, DT, Librarians, Digital and Pre-Prep. Within these areas, boys liaise with the Heads of Departments to bring forward their own ideas for how best to serve the School. At Davenies, being a Leader is more than just wearing a badge or a tie, it is about grasping the opportunity to serve and develop oneself in the process.

Alongside their leadership roles, boys may be appointed to other positions of leadership and responsibility, such as Head Boy, Deputy Head Boy, Heads of House and Captains for individual sports.

Davenies School

Davenies Award Scheme

The Davenies Award Scheme (DAS) provides enrichment to the learning experience of
Years 7 and 8.

Delivered by a multi-faceted approach, our unique DAS programme embraces and supports leadership skills, teamwork, everyday life skills, entrepreneurship and a sense of service.

DAS enables the boys to grow in confidence and to cultivate a range of key personal and transferable skills. In every way, DAS augments the curriculum and provides an essential aspect of the boys’ advancement during these crucial and developmental years.

Over the course of Years 7 and 8, boys in the Senior School participate in DAS sessions on Monday afternoons, after lessons, as well as being able to opt into a host of ‘Whacky Weekend’ activities on a Friday evening, or a Saturday.

Endeavour Project

DAS Tenner Challenge

Whacky Weekends

Endeavour Project

In Year 7, boys work together on a topic of their choosing. They learn about research and presentation skills, culminating in a science fair-style presentation afternoon, to which parents are invited. Not only does the Endeavour Project give the boys a chance to engage in an area of personal interest, but it also challenges them to learn about how to engage and teach others.

Davenies School
Davenies School
Davenies School

DAS Tenner Challenge

Putting their teamwork and entrepreneurship to the test, the boys are taught about product design and the ‘Four Ps’ of marketing, before developing their own product, creating an advertising campaign and presenting their idea, in a Dragons’ Den style. This lays the foundations for the Tenner Challenge – a multi-week project involving the boys raising money for charity using their own entrepreneurial spirit!

Davenies School
Davenies School
Davenies School

Whacky Weekends

Whacky Weekends are a series of optional trips available to both Years 7 and 8. They encompass a range of different visits and activities that offer cultural experiences, as well as the chance for boys to strengthen their bonds with each other and the staff. By doing things outside of the normal school day, Whacky Weekends form an integral part of the enrichment programme alongside DAS sessions, ACE Days, Residential Trips, Co-Curricular Activities and the Leavers’ Programme.

Whacky Weekends in the past have included:

Alternative London Tour
The Play That Goes Wrong
WWFC v Hartlepool United
Curry night at two local restaurants
Virtual Orchestra at London’s South Bank
African Drumming workshop
Bubble Football
Davenies School
The Clink Museum
Assault Course Barbecue
Theatre trips
Curry night at local restaurants
Classical Spectacular at the Royal Albert Hall
Film and Pizza night
Star Wars Identities Exhibition at the O2
Go Karting

Leavers’ Programme

The Year 8 Leavers’ Programme is an essential rite of passage at Davenies and a special way to finish off the boys’ educational journey with us. The final weeks of term are spent ‘off timetable’ and provide the opportunity to more broadly develop skills outside the curriculum.

The Programme has the School’s vision and ethos at its heart – to Engage, Inspire and Challenge – and the range of opportunities enable the boys to work collaboratively, and enjoy off-site trips and a Residential Week full of fun and discovery.

Davenies School
Davenies School
Davenies School

Collaborative Working

Through a series of challenges, Year 8 work together to not only enhance their own personal skillsets and development but also to aid, assist and support their peers in achieving great success too.

Life Skills

A key element of the Leavers’ Programme is having the chance to learn and develop skills that are essential in life. Boys in Year 8 partake in tasks and activities that will help develop important and transferable skills as they grow towards adulthood. Activities include cookery classes with Senior School staff, DIY projects and practical First Aid sessions, to name but a few. These activities ensure our pupils are prepared not just for life after Davenies at their chosen senior school, but also for university, the workplace and beyond.

Personal Development

Our action-packed and fun-filled Residential Week, sleeping under stars and canvas, provides the perfect opportunity for our Senior boys to step out of their comfort zones and really embrace our school ethos of Engage, Inspire, Challenge. The week presents them with the chance to really discover themselves, enhance their self-development and grow further in their own personal confidence.

Future Schools

At Davenies, we pride ourselves on finding the right future fit for every child. Not only do our pupils go on to a range of senior schools best suited to their abilities, interests and personalities, but Davenies boys, having remained in the Preparatory environment until 13, transfer to senior school with the capacity to succeed and thrive when they get there.

Independent senior schools recognise this, which is why they provide a large point of intake into Year 9. They hugely value the unique educational opportunities provided by Prep Schools to boys between the ages of 11 and 13.

Whilst most of our pupils leave at the age of 13 and move onto some of the country’s finest independent senior schools, Davenies also has a strong record of success with regard to grammar school entry.

In the last five years alone, boys leaving Davenies have gone onto some 40 different senior schools.

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