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Embarking on a Davenies Pre-Prep academic journey will always offer engagement to every individual boy that attends. We know the huge importance of these first few years of schooling, which is why we nurture every boy from day one to explore the world they currently live in, knowing that they will flourish in the future life they lead.

During these first three years of excellent and supportive education, the boys will develop rapidly, gain incredibly valuable knowledge and learn life skills. These will not only enhance their academic performance throughout the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools but will benefit them as they continue into adulthood.

At Davenies, we ensure that all of our boys develop their academic capabilities and love of learning alongside the equally important aspects of good manners and having respect for themselves and others. ‘Critical Thinking’ is an element that we introduce and encourage during the early years as this allows the boys to understand things from the perspective of others and to realise that sometimes there may be more than one ‘correct’ answer to a question.

In our ever-changing and rapidly-advancing world, the ready use of technology means that boys must learn how to filter knowledge quickly and apply it appropriately. They need to recognise that discovery, resilience and challenge are key to unlocking their potential.

Davenies School
Davenies School

Pre-Prep Setting

Housed in our award-winning Jubilee Building, the boys and staff in the Pre-Prep (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) benefit from outstanding learning spaces, facilities and resources that are specifically designed to enrich their educational experience.

Every year group is comprised of two classes with each being supported by its very own exceptional Teaching Assistant. The boys will encounter engaging work that has been planned carefully to stretch their abilities and imaginations, while at the same time building upon previous skills and knowledge that they have gained. Lessons and topics are presented in a fun, yet practical way and will have been chosen specifically to appeal to and engage each boy in their specific educational learning.

With a challenging curriculum, engaging after-school clubs and inspiring staff, who seek the potential in every child within their care, Davenies Pre-Prep is a warm, friendly and purposeful environment where your son’s confidence will be nurtured and his future enhanced.

Davenies School
Davenies School
Davenies School


Healthy Eating



A general guide
7:45amBreakfast Club in the Dining Hall
From 8:15amSchool opens for the rest of the boys
8:30amRegistration followed by Assemblies
From 9:00amLessons, Breaks, Lunch
3:20pmPre-Prep end of day – activities start; Flop Club available until 6:00pm

Outdoor Learning

As well as an engaging classroom education, Davenies offers the boys an outside learning programme that offers a real hands-on experience in a natural setting. The exciting opportunity of Forest School presents Pre-Prep pupils with the chance to develop their confidence and self-esteem through exploration, discovery, play and supported risk-taking.

Through a variety of activities, Forest School can become a real centre of togetherness and communication for the boys, allowing them to talk about their achievements, discoveries, feelings and thoughts from the day. They also have the added treat of enjoying cooking some tasty treats and warming their hands around the campfire.

Click on the images to see how our boys enjoy their Outdoor Learning.

Davenies School
Davenies School
Davenies School
Davenies School


From the Lent Term in Year 1 and throughout Year 2, all pupils have the opportunity to join one of our popular Co-Curricular Clubs. These Clubs give the boys the chance to pursue their interests in a sociable and relaxed atmosphere.

With clubs ranging from Lego to Puzzle Club, through to Mystery Club and Stay and Play (a sports-based Club), there is something for every boy to enjoy. Recently, the following clubs have been made available:

Davenies School
Finger Gym & Fine-Motor Club
Puzzle Club
Books and Biscuits
Collage Club
Messy Making
Challenge Club
iPad and computing
Davenies School
Paper Craft Club
Superhero Club
Drawing Club
Bell Plates
Stay and Play

Wrap-Around Care

Davenies School

A Davenies education extends beyond the normal school day. In addition to the extensive Co-Curricular programme, there are many options for supervision and learning both before and after school starts and finishes.

Running daily from 7:45am, boys in the Pre-Prep can join the Prep School at Breakfast Club to enjoy a hot or cold breakfast and be occupied with quiet activities in the Dining Room.

Content to sit and chat with one another (despite the different age group mix), or with staff, Breakfast Club generates a warm hum of bonhomie. The boys are all signed up as members of the Breakfast Club to manage numbers but may turn up ad hoc on any day.

Flop Club is our dedicated after-school care service for boys in the Pre-Prep and is available until 6:00pm daily.

Run by fully-qualified staff, Flop Club lives up to its name as pupils are given the opportunity to relax and play with a variety of activities. From Playmobil to arts and crafts, to simply enjoying the time to read a book, there is something to suit every boy. We look forward to ending the week with a DVD Night on Friday evenings.

There is a small cost involved for boys staying beyond 4:00pm; however, at 4:15pm a light tea of sandwiches, fruit and a drink is provided.

Davenies School