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A Davenies education extends far beyond our engaging, inspiring and challenging classroom environment. Here, the boys will experience a breadth of enrichment opportunities that explore the undiscovered, encourage imagination and enhance individuality. Whether that’s within a sporting, artistic, creative, musical, or academic mindset, every boy will develop the ability to achieve everything they want to, along with the support that they need to grow into the adult they deserve to be.

By putting the boys’ needs at the centre of our focus and inspiring them to view the world from different perspectives, every academic journey is a positive one that is enhanced by our exciting enrichment offering. Reinforced by an extensive programme of Co-Curricular Activities, Alternative Curriculum Experiences, educational excursions, outward-bound opportunities and residential trips, there are a wealth of opportunities to suit every open-minded, ambitious and curious child.

Encouraging them to discover their passions and talents to contribute to Davenies academic ethos drives our boys to be the best that they can and deserve to be without a trace of arrogance or the fear of failure.

Davenies School

Co-Curricular Activities

Davenies specialises in a fantastic Co-Curricular Activities programme that spans vast, yet challenging and engaging academic, sporting, creative, musical and artistic pursuits. Catering to the need of every ambitious boy and their specific interests in life, our excellent caring and supportive teachers will ensure that they collaboratively work with every individual child to flourish in their chosen fields and enrich the lives of those they encounter along the way.

Whether it is within the Laboratory, outside on the Astro, centre stage in the PAC, or at the kiln in the Art Studio, with over 50 clubs to choose from in any one term, there is always something for every boy to be challenged and inspired by. Boys are encouraged to try something different and in doing so, discover new passions and talents in the process. Davenies offers outstanding facilities and a wide range of opportunities to provide every child with the chance to discover, relish and enjoy many exciting activities.

Co-Curricular Activities contribute significantly to the personal, social and educational development of every boy by enhancing their ability to collaborate, persevere and problem-solve. Building the character, compassion and courage in every child is key to Davenies’ ongoing ambition of producing boys that thrive on achieving success and happiness through their time at school, and beyond.

Davenies pupils achieve significant success in Activities, ranging from competing in national sporting competitions, to LAMDA certificates, to obtaining badges in Cubs. This success is mirrored by the enthusiasm pupils show for the Activities programme, which the School monitors and evaluates systematically in terms of popularity and educational value. Time is also taken to consult the pupils and consider their views.

Activities vary from term to term, but currently on offer for the boys to enjoy are the following:

  • Books and Biscuits
  • Badminton
  • Animation Club
  • Davenies Award Scheme
  • Cubs
  • Brass Ensemble
  • DT Club
  • Golf
  • Chamber Choir
  • Eco Club
  • Gymnastics
  • Drama Club
  • French Cinema Club
  • Hockey Club
  • Experimental Clay Lab Club
  • French Rap
  • Judo
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Lego Club
  • MultiSports
  • Jazz Band
  • Maths Club
  • Physical Development
  • Junior Choir
  • Science Club
  • Rugby Club
  • Junior Handbells
  • Spanish Club
  • Running Club
  • Orchestra
  • STEM Club
  • Swimming Club
  • Photography Club
  • Swimming Squad
  • Rock Band
  • Tennis Club
  • Senior Handbells
  • Triathlon
  • Senior Production

Residential Trips

In addition to a range of exciting day trips provided by Davenies as part of the curriculum, the boys benefit from an array of residential experiences too. These take place both during term time, as well as opportunities within the school holidays. These occasions have always been enjoyed, as they provide the boys with opportunities to make memories that last a lifetime.

All boys from Years 4–8 participate in Residential Week during the Summer Term. This presents a wonderful opportunity to spend a week in the company of their peers, engaging in team-building activities, as well as embracing physical and mental challenges.

Our programme begins in Year 4 with three nights away from home, in a nurturing environment, that is a first experience of independence. This builds through the years, including a Languages trip to France in Year 7, culminating in a more challenging outdoor adventure in Year 8. For our older boys, we also provide a yearly Residential Trip to a British city, which operates on an ‘opt-in’ basis. Previously, we have enjoyed visits to York, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Bath and Bristol.

Boys’ sporting talents are identified, supported and enhanced through sports tours, usually taking place over a weekend. These provide opportunities to play on different grounds and to mix with schools further afield. We have also reinstated the biennial Ski Trip to Austria, alternating with a Cricket Tour to Barbados.

Our Trips programme is under constant review and evolves as the interests of our boys progress.

Davenies School
Davenies School
Davenies School
Davenies School
Davenies School
Davenies School

ACE Days

The Alternative Curriculum Experience (ACE) forms an integral aspect of a Davenies education for boys in Years 3–8. Held each term, ACE Days allow boys the opportunity to go on school trips, taking learning beyond the classroom. They inspire the boys to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills across a variety of subjects, both academic and creative.

To support the work done in our classrooms, we make the most of every chance to visit places of interest. We also enjoy inviting visiting speakers and workshops into school to enhance the boys’ learning further and to encourage follow-up work and reflection.

Previous destinations have included:

Davenies School


Windsor Castle, Henley River and Rowing Museum, Oxford Story Museum

Davenies School


Whipsnade, London Zoo, The Drama Hut

Davenies School


The Globe Theatre, The National Gallery

Davenies School


Hazard Alley, Wembley Stadium, The Crysta

Davenies School


Crest Award, Bletchley Park, The Tower of London

Davenies School


Hampton Court Palace, Westminster Abbey, Fieldwork studies of local rivers