Activities Roundup

Summer Term 2024

Davenies School

Gymnastics at Chesham Prep, DAS cooking and movie night, French Rap competition, Green Power Racing and Cubs celebrating St. George’s Day

The start of a new term always brings with it the excitement of trying something new and a fresh start to explore a new passion, as well as continuing to build on the tremendous work they have done already in the Autumn and Lent Terms.  The range of over 50 Activities on offer this term aims to cater for each individual boy so that they can pursue their interests over the course of the Summer Term and beyond. Whilst boys have thrown themselves into their new Activities this week, there has been much to celebrate from over the break in gymnastics, the French Rap competition, as well as the Cubs learning about St George’s Day and DAS having already enjoyed their movie and pizza night last Friday; in addition to the boys getting back into the kitchen for cookery classes. The boys also have DAS Archery Tag to look forward to this coming weekend!

During the Easter break, some of the gymnastics squad took part in the Chesham Prep Invitational competition. They had to perform a routine on the bench, the floor and a vault. The routine comprised of gymnastics elements incorporating flexibility, balance and strength. True to form, the boys did extremely well with Daniel coming 1st on vault, Seb placing 3rd overvall, Rex placing 2nd and Clement won the individual competition.

Over the course of the last two terms, French Rap Club, Years 7 and 8, have worked hard to put together a rap song for the 2024 French Rap competition held in ‘L’institut de Londres’. The theme of the song is about tolerance, anti-bullying and anti-racism. It has been a real team effort with the Head Boy, Max, having written the lyrics of the song, Academic Leaders Yogesh and Yagnesh created the music and all boys within the club are singing and rapping. The boys have also created their own choreography and the story line as the song is portrayed as a story in a city. Mme Chamberlain and I would like to thank all the boys for their creativity, perseverance and talent to create a song in a foreign language! Bravo!

Likewise, Years 7 and 8 have shown tremendous perseverance and enthusiasm in Green Power Racing over the course of this academic year so far as they have manufactured their sustainable racing car. The car really is starting to take shape with all wheels, motors and steering now in place. This week the boys worked on installing the seatbelts as they get closer to being able to get the car on the track!

We look forward to seeing how all these projects progress over the next term. Looking ahead to next week, there will be no Judo on Tuesday 30 April.

Mr Fryer, Head of Activities

Squash, Cookery, Art, French Rap Competition

This week saw Davenies Squash Club take part in their first competitive fixture against Caldicott. This was an excellent experience for those involved and was a culmination of the hard work they have put in since starting squash as part of the Enrichment Programme. In addition to this, French Rap finalised their routines for the Pop Competition and Year 8 were back in the kitchen baking up another batch of delectable treats! Clay Art Club also started on their summer project.

The Davenies Squash team had their inaugural match against Caldicott.  Ten boys from Years 5 and 6 did the school proud, playing with skill and enthusiasm against a strong Caldicott team.  The boys had an all in warm up, followed by a raft of matches. The boys learned how to score and play in a competitive environment.  The boys were an absolute pleasure to take and were complemented by the opposition parents and coach for their sportsmanship and manners.  A great day all round! Thank you also to Mr Tennant for organising this fixture – the first of many, it is hoped!

Years 7 and 8 have worked hard to put together a rap song for the 2024 French Rap competition held in ‘L’institut de Londres’, which has now been filmed and recorded. The theme of the song is about tolerance, anti- bullying and anti-racism. It has been a real team effort with the Head Boy, Max, having written the lyrics of the song, Academic Leaders, Yogesh and Yagnesh, created the music and all boys within the club are singing and rapping. The boys have also created their own choreography and the story line as the song is portrayed as a story in a city. We wish them the best of luck in the Pop Video Competition category and await the results now the entry has been sent!

In Cookery this week, Year 8 were baking cupcakes and shortbread. These were both gluten free as well as containing cherries and white chocolate chips. They had to follow the method and weigh out their own ingredients. Once baked, they enjoyed their delectable treats! It also served as a lesson in washing up…

Finally, Clay Club have started another project involving clay work, this time making swirl bowls. We look forward to seeing how they get on over the course of the term.

Looking ahead to next week, Chess Club is unable to run on Tuesday or Wednesday owing to the Pre Prep Art Exhibition. Warhammer Club is also unable to run next Thursday.

Mr Fryer, Head of Activities 

Cubs @ PGL, Year 3C Investiture, Volunteering Ventures & Gardening Club

Over the course of the year, the Cubs are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of different activities from orienteering to various acts of charity. Early May Bank Holiday provides the Year 5 Cubs the chance to have a short residential experience at PGL as they enter the last term in the Pack; which has been a favourite club choice for the majority of the boys since they started the Prep School in Year 3.

This weekend saw the Pack working in teams to complete many challenges, with much encouragement and massive efforts and achievements from all, but most importantly – fun!  Akela was particularly impressed with the courage and perseverance shown by many on the climbing wall given its height, as well as the kind words of encouragement from below to spur everyone on!  All of the activities planned for the Cubs have been to encourage teamwork and is fantastic for their personal development in terms of resilience and collaboration, as well as independence being away from home.  The boys cannot wait for their Residential Week later in the term!

Elsewhere, Year 3 have been throwing themselves into Cubs over the last two terms.  In between building fires and toasting bread on the embers, 3C went to Walk Woods this week on a mini expedition to get invested into the Pack.  The boys were rightfully proud to earn their badges, ties and woggles.  Whilst on the walk, their challenge was to follow a trail and talk about the dangers in woods.  All of these trips have been organised by Akela who has endless enthusiasm for the boys, to which they respond with mirrored energy and enthusiasm. I am extremely grateful to Akela for organising such opportunities and for giving so much of her own time to ensure the boys have experiences like this.  3F’s turn is next week and parents are welcome to join the walk.

Elsewhere in the programme, Volunteering Ventures were helping out in Year 1 showing them how to use rulers to start their James Rizzi Artwork. Gardening Club have also been prepping their patches ready for planting now that the sun is shining!

Mr Fryer, Head of Activities

This short half of term has seen over 300 separate Activities sessions as 62 run each week from Years 3 – 8, of which 88% of boys in the Prep School take part in an average of four a week. As a school specialising in boys and recognising that each boy is an individual with their own interests and hobbies, we have ensured a broad range of opportunities in the enrichment programme. This ranges from DAS Whacky Weekends, such as Paddle Boarding, to the artistic and strategic skills of Warhammer.

Of the clubs on offer this term, 32% of clubs are sporting, 16% academic (Including Prep), 29% are music ensembles and 13% artistic and creative, outdoor education being 7% with the final 3% accounting DAS and volunteering.  There is still time to sign up to those with places for anyone who has not yet already.

Certificates are also in from last term and well done to the following boys on their British Gymnastics awards. The top level the boys can achieve is level 1 so the boys are well on track to hit this excellent achievement.

Proficiency Award Level 2

Mishay Y5

Matty Y5

Proficiency Award Level 3

Jonathan Y5

Jack Y5

Proficiency Award Level 4

Rex Y4

Luca Y6

Daniel Y3

Clement Y3

Luke Y5

Alfie Y5

Proficiency Award Level 6

Louis Y5

Max Y4

Xander Y4

Vihaan Y3

Sebby Y4

Leo Y4

Freddie Y3

Joe Y3

Henry Y3

Max Y4

Josh Y5

Aran Y3

Finn Y3

Alex Y3

Chess have enjoyed the start of their internal chess ladder and it is great to see them using this enrichment as a stepping stone to progress further in the sport. Well done to Ruben who placed 3rd in the Buckinghamshire chess tournaments for U9s. As a result, he will to compete in the SE Regional in August and join John and Neil too.

Warhammer have also enjoyed this half of term creating their models ready to game next term.

Mr Fryer, Head of Activities

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