Eco Activities this Academic Year

The first year of the Eco Council has been very productive and Alexander gives us a run down of activities this academic year…

The Eco Council is made up of people who are passionate about the environment, with representatives from Year 3 all the way to Year 8, led by William Whitby.

To begin with, the Eco Council produced a questionnaire to measure how environmentally-friendly Davenies was. The rewilding area provides a quiet place for people to read and be peaceful at break time. This biodiverse habitat is home to many species of insects, and this boosts the eco-friendly nature at Davenies. It has even become home for a hedgehog! Finally the woodland area is a great place for Buster the school dog to roam around in, off the lead. The eco council have helped provide further suggestions to improve this lovely area.

The Eco Council opened the second-hand uniform shop (The Nearly New Uniform Shop). An excellent initiative, the uniform shop supplies uniform for boys from reception to Year 8. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers that help out. You can see the opening times on the door. Many people lack money for new clothes, and re-using our clothes is much less wasteful.

The Eco Council made a huge push to cut down the food waste at Davenies. We started off at 25 kilograms of food waste a day, which we managed to decrease by. We had a visit representatives of Thomas Franks about re-using food and how much water it takes to produce the things eat. The Eco Council gave an assembly on environmentally conscious ways of travelling to school.

The Eco Council had a visit from a representative of Thomas Franks, who spoke to the school about reducing waste. We were also visited by Nick Hollis, who some of the eco council enjoyed the privilege of giving a tour around Davenies to. He told us what he has and is doing to try to help the environment, one thing was pulling down five tonnes of rubbish from Mount Everest. Very impressive!

The Davenies calendar will now include three Eco Days.

Thank you to students in Davenies for all of their many suggestions, such as providing taps that turn off automatically, which the school has purchased. We have plans to perform many more assemblies and another walk to school week amongst other things next year.

Not bad for our first year!

Thank you, Alex Dalmahoy


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