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Lent Term 2024

Davenies School

We have experienced some beautiful cold crisp morning for the start of term and the boys have not let this faze them and have returned raring to go and are clearly enjoying each other’s company and enthused by their new topics

Reception have begun their ‘Earth Heroes’ topic thinking about our planet and how we can help to look after the environment.  Through a story Greta and the Giant, by Zoe Tucker, the children learnt about the environmental activist Greta Thunberg and the work she does to raise awareness about the damaging effects global warming is having.  They also watched a small clip read by Sir David Attenborough about the changing climate and its impact on our world. The boys decorated a world using collage materials, they then wrote a promise to the world about how we can help look after the Earth.  They have learned about the recycling symbol and the idea of reducing, reusing and recycling.  In literacy lessons the boys have explored the digraphs th and ch as well as the letter sound z.  The children are working really hard with their word building and sentence construction.  In Maths, we are perfecting our recognition, counting and ordering skills as well as forming numerals using our Ten Town rhymes to help us.

The first full week back in Year 1 has been a bustling and productive time, with the boys seamlessly re-establishing their routines. In English, our focus centred on the exploration of a new text, Winter’s Sleep, delving into hibernation during the cold winter months. Before exploring the book’s content, the boys dedicated time to respond to the front cover and came up with setting descriptions inspired by the cover’s imagery. Using a combination of online resources and literature, the boys researched hibernation and wrote notes in a bullet point list. In Maths, the boys developed their understanding of number, specifically focusing on teen numbers. Topic introduced the boys to the captivating subject of Castles and Knights! They started by looking at castles around the world and identified their features and defensive significance. In Science, the boys engaged in the identification of everyday materials.

Year 2 have made a terrific start to the Lent Term bounding in with lots of energy! They have been enthused with our new topic on Egyptians and had fun labelling Egypt as well as investigating the importance of the River Nile. This linked with our Art this week, where the boys had the opportunity to draw the River Nile using a medium of their choice. In Maths, they have been looking at Money with the boys consolidating their knowledge of the coins and notes along with making small amounts, comparing different sums as well as visiting a toy shop online to purchase goods using the correct coins and notes. In English, we introduced our new topic of Roald Dahl with a comprehension. The focus was on answering in full sentences, using the text to help along with remembering the correct punctuation. They have also looked at synonyms and antonyms using the characters of Mr Twit and Miss Honey as well as introducing the prefix ‘un.’ Science involved a   discussion on the new topic of Electricity and how we use it in our everyday lives.

We hope you have a good weekend.

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

Star Boys

RSW: Jack McGee & Theo Shell

RW: Philippe Cayirgan & Gabriel Hussain

1T: Aaran Patel & Edward Ross

1W: Kavi Derry & Max Woodward

2JP: Hugo Carter Shaw & Harrison Lunn

2LC: Jude Boyle &George Mowat

Kindness Cup: Max Woodward

House Appointments


House Captain: Coareigh Rochford

Vice-Captain: George Mowat


House Captain: Morgan Barnfield

Vice-Captain: Archie Fuschillo


House Captain: Archie Kirkpartick

Vice-Captain: Joshua Bennett


House Captain: Arthur Lovelock

Vice-Captain: Jasper Morgan

The Pre-Prep continues to be a hive of activity and the boys are fully immersed in their topics and working well with the staff.

Reception’s  ‘Earth Heroes’ topic has taken us to the Arctic this week.  Following the story Leaf by Sandra Diekmann, the boys discussed why the woods was no place for a Polar Bear. The boys thought about how they would help the Polar Bear return to the Arctic circle and had a go at writing their ideas in simple sentences.  They looked at the bear’s natural habitat and its position in our Earth.  The boys learnt about how polar bears have adapted to live in this extreme climate and wrote some facts about what we know about a polar bear.  We also talked about the devastating effects climate change is having on the Polar regions and how the polar bear is finding it harder and harder to hunt due to the melting ice.  They enjoyed using oil pastels to create a picture of a polar bear. Mathematics focus has been on adding.  The boys have used the part/whole model to demonstrate their understanding of two numbers together make a whole.  RWI sounds have included ‘qu’, ‘x’ and ‘ng’ and alongside this are developing some good word building skills using their extensive knowledge of phonics.

This week in Year 1, the boys have been working hard to increase their understanding of number. They arranged numbers on a number line, exploring not only the values themselves but also identifying the relationships between them by finding one more and one less. In English, the boys immersed themselves in the enchanting tale of Winter Sleep – A Hibernation Story. Putting themselves in the shoes of the young child, they crafted expressive narratives, taking on the role of the boy visiting Granny Sylvie during the winter season. Their written letters to families back home beautifully captured their reflections on the distinctions between Granny Sylvie’s abode and their own homes. The boys eagerly shared insights into the allure of the secret glade and outlined their plans for the duration of their visit. In Art, they delved into the works of renowned artist Paul Klee, and were inspired to create their own piece based on their new topic – ‘Castles’. In Science, boys looked at objects and listed the materials they were made from. This exercise encouraged them to ponder the rationale behind the selection of specific materials in the creation of various items.

Year 2 have had another fabulous week. This week the boys showed great interest and enthusiasm in our topic work where we studied Egyptian artefacts. They discussed the information that these artefacts provided along with thinking about what kind of questions they would ideally ask. In English, we continued with our focus on Roald Dahl but looked more closely at both coordinating and subordinating conjunctions along we simple, compound and complex sentences. The boys found the acronyms FANBOYS and ISAWAWABUB hilarious! They worked in table groups to complete sentences using both types of conjunction. In Maths, we have continued with money; however, we introduced the concept of change which the boys found tricky. In Art, the boys used watercolours to create their own Roald Dahl characters which were brilliant. Finally, in Science, the boys continued their learning on Electricity, focusing on discussing whether objects used either mains or battery power.

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

Star Boys

RSW: Noah Duncan & Rohan Nijhar

RW: Fox Baber & Arthur Hale

1T: Woody Garner & Ibrahim Rahman

1W: Nicholas Bergstrom & Aarav Mehta

2JP: Nicolas Azoulay & Rahil Bhasin

2LC: Ben Lomax & Zephan Warren

Kindness Cup: Hugo Hughes

2LC started our class assemblies for this term with their assembly all about the ‘Ancient Egyptians’. The boys are clearly enjoying this topic and have learnt so much in a very short period of time including how to ‘Dance like an Egyptian’! The boys spoke clearly and confidently and I very much enjoyed listening to all they had to say. Well done to all involved.

Reception have travelled to the other side of the world this week, visiting the Antarctic and learning about the most southerly part of the Earth.  The boys have explored the climate and the animals that live in this extreme environment.  They have made comparisons between the Arctic Circle and the South Pole.  The children have completed an animal sorting activity referring to Arctic animals and Antarctic animals.  In Monday’s Literacy lesson, they listened to the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. Taking the lead form one of the main characters – a penguin – the boys learned a little about this animal and the variety of species there are.  They had a go at writing their favourite moment of the story and been imaginative in creating a collage penguin using coloured papers.  In Mathematics, the boys have revisited number bonds, using the part/whole model to illustrate their calculating.  We have also paid our weekly visit to ‘Ten Town’ and meeting 13.

In Year 1, the boys have embraced a week full of opportunities, starting with their acknowledgement of the International Day of Education. Mr. Rycroft’s insightful assembly at the beginning of the week cultivated a profound sense of gratitude among the boys, emphasising the importance of the education they are fortunate to receive. In their English lessons, the boys engaged in a creative task, planning alternative versions of the story, Winter’s Sleep. Rather than sticking to the winter theme, they explored the wonders of spring, considering the animals and nature elements that could be incorporated into their narratives. In Maths, the boys ordered and compared numbers, employing the greater than, less than and equal to symbols. The exploration of materials continued in Science, where the boys delved into understanding the properties of different materials. They engaged in thoughtful discussions, selecting words that best described these properties.  In Art, their creativity continued to flourish as the boys enjoyed working with watercolours to complete their ‘Castle and Sun’ pictures, inspired by Paul Klee. In Topic, the boys continued to learn about different castles and put them into chronological order on a timeline.

It has been another busy week in Year 2 with 2LC working hard on their assembly! In Maths, they have introduced the tricky concept of multiplication and division with the boys honing their skills as well as learning about recognising and making equal groups.  In English, they have relished the opportunity to study Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They learnt about sensory adjectives and had a go at both inventing their own room as well as their own character. They ended the week by writing their own chapter adding details such as expanded noun phrases and conjunctions. In Science, the boys looked at electrical safety. They learnt about the dangers of electricity and created their own posters warning people of the dangers. In Topic, we had tremendous fun learning to write in Hieroglyphics. We looked at the Rosetta Stone and discussed its importance which led to our artwork where the boys created their own Cartouche with their hieroglyphic names.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

Star Boys

RSW: Jacob Middleton & Louis Mileham Robin

RW: Buddie Goldsmith & Nicolai Olsson

1T: Monty Joy & Jovan Khuller

1W: Harry Budge & Noah Farrell

2JP: Archie Fuschillo & Alexander Whelan

2LC: Joshua bennet & Arjan Rai

Kindness Cup: Oliver Dickinson

It was the turn of 1T to ‘wow’ us with their class assembly this week. Based on British Values it provided us with some very important messages. With a rap and a song in addition to their lines, the boys certainly had much to learn and the boys were simply amazing. Well done to all involved.

Reception’s topic ‘Earth Heroes’ has taken them to the rainforests this week.  Their story focus was The Paper Caper by Oliver Jeffers.  The boys thoroughly enjoyed the story and had a go at writing character descriptions of the animals in the story.  The story also led them to explore the importance trees have on our world, looking at rainforests and the climate they offer to the plants, animals and insects that live there.  The boys were amazed to find out that although rainforests cover just 6% of the world, more than half of the world’s animals, plants and insects call the forests their home.  They are also developing an awareness that although it is such a small part of the world, rainforests are essential to all life on Earth and were sad to hear about deforestation.  The boys created paintings of their favourite rainforest animal.  They also had a go at writing some facts about rainforests. The Maths focus has been on 3D shapes.  The children have an understanding of the differences these have to 2D shapes.  They can name some 3D shapes and have also been on a shape hunt spotting 3D shapes in the environment.  In our visit to ‘Ten Town’ the boys met 14, ‘Tia Ten’ and ‘Freddie Four’.  In our visits, we are beginning to understand how the teens numbers are made up of a ten and corresponding ones.

The boys in Year 1 have demonstrated their commitment to mastering number bonds, particularly focusing on expanding their knowledge from bonds to ten to those of bonds to 20. In English, they delved into the enchanting narrative of The Last Wolf by Mini Grey. This imaginative adaptation transported them to a world where animals reminisced about the Good Old Days, an era characterised by abundant flowers and honey-drenched landscapes. Little Red, confronted with the stark reduction of the once freely-roamed forest, felt compelled to take action. The boys engaged in thoughtful discussions, speculating on the whereabouts of the animals, and contemplating the potential actions Red might undertake to remedy the situation. In Art, the boys embraced a weaving challenge that not only honed their skills but also provided an avenue for creative expression. Selecting vibrant colours, they infused their weaving pieces with individuality, making them visually striking. Scientific exploration took centre stage as the boys undertook the task of assisting Ted in repairing his umbrella. Through hands-on experimentation, they tested various waterproof materials, ultimately deducing that plastic stood out as the optimal choice for patching up a hole in an umbrella.

Year 2 have had an entertaining week as they have been studying The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl. The boys discussed what they liked about the story as well as what they didn’t like and then worked together to think of different endings. The highlight was the role-play where the boys worked in groups to re-enact the different tricks that the crocodile played. The boys have also learnt about speech bubbles and similes as well as thinking about interesting adjectives to use in their writing. In Maths, they have continued with their learning on multiplication and the boys spent time thinking about arrays and created their own array city, demonstrating their already strong multiplication skills. In Topic, they had a very interesting afternoon exploring the different Egyptian Gods. The boys fully embraced this subject as demonstrated in the work they produced.  Finally in Science, the boys had great fun exploring how circuits work and seeing how creative they could be.

All that is left for me to do is wish you an enjoyable weekend.

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

Star Boys

RSW: Auberon Brand & Harman SinghRW: Louie Lyons & Joshua Marshall
1T: Jasper Coe & Clifford Labuschagne1W: Edwin Coldham & Aryan Jafri
2JP: Oscar Lowden & Jasper Morgan2LC: Nirvair Bhamra & Arthur Lovelock

Kindness Cup: George Hamilton

Despite being five boys down, RW astounded us with their assembly this week. Based on our ‘Wonderful World’ the boys spoke clearly and passionately about the Earth and the importance of looking after it! A whole class poem said in unison (no mean feat) and brilliant work displayed it really was an amazing way to end the class assemblies for this half-term. Well done to all involved.

Reception boys have been intrigued about plastic pollution this week.  Realising that most of the world is made up of water (more than 70%) and understanding the diversity of life that inhabit our oceans and seas has captured the boys interest.  They have discovered the shocking impact of mass plastic pollution on our sea life, with the week beginning with the story Somebody Swallowed Stanley, by Sarah Roberts.  Stanley being a plastic bag who gets mistaken by a variety of animals and in the end is rescued by a little boy who turns him into a kite.  The children chose their favourite sea creature in the story and wrote about who ate Stanley and how Stanley became free.  This led us to think about how plastic gets into our waters and how animals are mistaking the colourful plastics for food.  The children wrote some facts about plastic in our oceans and what we can do to help.  We also studied a story called The Whale Who Wanted More, by Rachel Bright.  This story enabled us to think about what makes us happy which led us to talk about Children’s Mental Health Week.  Our Art activities have involved making sea turtles and jelly fish using recycled materials to collage a paper plate.  We have been revisiting a range of concepts in Mathematics to check our understanding.  These include addition, 2D shape and 3D shape, number order, counting, subitise, and pattern.  We enjoyed meeting 15 in ‘Ten Town’.

The highlight of Year 1 week was undoubtedly the immersive journey to knighthood. The boys took centre stage in a dubbing ceremony, emerging as honourable knights! They then put on their armour and mounted their noble steads, ready to take part in a jousting event. In Science, the boys investigated the absorbency of different materials. In English, the boys have continued to focus on the story, The Last Wolf. They wrote a character profile for Little Red, coming up with some fantastic adjectives to describe her. They then researched and wrote about endangered animals. In Maths, the boys honed their skills in subtraction, by counting back and finding the difference between numbers. A special visit from A-life, to mark Children’s Mental Health Week, imparted valuable insights into children’s mental health and enabled the boys to take part in a fun fitness session.

In Maths, Year 2 have continued to work on multiplication and division with the boys consolidating their understanding of arrays as well as delving into dividing by two along with doubling, halving and odds and evens. In English, they eagerly recapped the story of The Enormous Crocodile with the boys working together to rewrite certain elements of the story in order to create their own. They planned a different main character along with different tricks as well as a different fate for the evil main character! In Science, the boys learnt how to make switches and then had a go at adding these to their circuits which they loved! With the focus on Children’s Mental Health, we have enjoyed various discussions and stories around this helping to deepen the boys understanding of what ‘good’ mental health looks like. They enjoyed completing booklets about their feelings as well as completing a variety of mindfulness activities. Finally, the boys were invited to take part in a fitness session with A-life which the boys hugely enjoyed!

Another highlight from this week was hopefully the opportunity for the boys to show you around the classroom/department this morning. They always take an immense pride in the School and thoroughly enjoy the opportunity it presents them.

This half-term is often the most challenging for the boys with the short dark days making it difficult and affecting mood. However, as I look back on this I am filled with a sense of pride over the enthusiasm the boys have shown towards their activities and their behaviour in general. They most certainly deserve their break and whatever you are doing I hope you have an enjoyable family time.

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

Star Boys

RSW: Miles Cooney Brinkworth & Raheem Osman

RW: Fraser Kirkpatrick & Vivaan Mehta

1T: Ethan Farrell & Henry Leyland

1W: Ranveer Sehgal & Joshua Thompson

2JP: Henry Johnson and Benjy Burrard Lucas

2LC: Jenson Goodwin & Josh Holder

Kindness Cup: Ethan Edwards

The boys certainly enjoyed their Half-Term break and have returned full of enthusiasm and raring to go!

Reception have begun their new topic ‘Map it Out’ which the children are already enjoying. Their literacy lessons have centred on The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers, and following it the boys pretended they had found an aircraft in their cupboard.  They wrote about where in the world (or universe) their aeroplane would take them.  The boys certainly used their imaginations, coming up with exotic destinations as well as some space explorers.  We are encouraging the boys to use as much independence as possible in their sentence writing and they have also completed some sentences using photo prompts as a stimulus. They are all calling on the knowledge of phonics and tricky words to help them.  In Mathematics the focus has been subtraction.  The children have explored this concept in a variety of ways and have used different vocabulary related to subtraction; take away, minus, less than, difference between, count back and subtract.  The children have also been encouraged to use relevant symbols to complete calculations.  In our Understanding the World lessons, we looked at a book called A Place called Home by Kate Baker.  This looked at different homes in different parts of the world and how they are all different according to the various climates and environments.  The boys then thought about the house they would like to live in and made this using collage materials.  They then wrote about their chosen home.

It has been an exciting and productive first week back for Year 1. The week started with a thrilling design challenge, where students were tasked with crafting their very own hot air balloons using paper mâché. With determination and creativity, the boys persevered, adding layers of newspaper to their creations. This project will continue into the following week, promising more innovative designs and hands-on learning. In Computing, boys inserted their faces into a character template, transforming themselves into Tudor kings. Alongside this, they composed sentences detailing how they would navigate life as royalty, blending historical learning with modern digital skills. The focus in Maths this week was on understanding place value up to 50. They enthusiastically engaged in counting and grouping tens, as well as partitioning numbers into tens and ones. The highlight of the week was without doubt ‘The History Man’s’ visit which brought our current topic to life in a truly memorable way!

On Monday, Year 2 tackled the interesting topic of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by Howard Carter. The boys were extremely fascinated by the events unfolding after finding the initial stone step. They worked hard to write a diary entry detailing how they felt and the anticipation of finally opening the tomb with all its treasures. In Maths, we have continued with our consolidation of the 2/5/10 times tables with the addition of learning the related division facts. In English, our focus turned to non-chronological reports with the boys identifying the different features of a report and learning how to turn facts into full sentences. In Science, the boys used their knowledge to identify whether a circuit would work and if not, how they would correct it. We were most impressed with their use of technical knowledge when correcting the faults. Well done!

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

Star Boys

RSW: Oren Dhillon & Idris Mead

RW: Harjaap Bhatia & Henry Freudmann

1T: Harry Boon & Julian Sutton

1W: Arthur Busby & Luca Robb

2JP: Yusuf Ali  & George Du Beke

2LC: Morgan Barnfield & Jasnoor Bhatia

Kindness Cup: Joey Tonkyn

Happy St David’s Day!

Our extra day of the year certainly started off wet and grey but we are were all soon cheered by 2JP’s assembly all about Leap Years! The boys clearly explained the reasoning behind this and who know that babies born on this day are known as ‘Leapers’ or ‘Leaplings’! With a song, poetry and interesting facts it certainly brightened the morning and the boys spoke clearly. Well done to all involved.

Reception celebrated the story What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson this week, which involved some exploration of the story and then making their own story maps including the animals in the story and their positions.  The boys enjoyed talking about the animals and the various sounds they made to confuse ‘Hefty Hugh’ and ‘Lanky Len’.  They also looked at a story called Martha Maps it Out by Leigh Hodgkinson.  This book explored different kinds of maps and how they can be used.  On our way to the Dining Room for lunch, the boys explored different features they see on route.  We then drew a map of our journey and had a go at writing some directions to go with our maps.  We have continued to explore some tricky digraphs in RWI.  The children have enjoyed the challenge of these and are beginning to use these digraphs to word build.  In Mathematics we have investigated addition and subtraction.  The boys have begun to understand the relationship between these operations.  We have also looked at doubles and halves and have made a doubling ladybird.

It has been another productive week in Year 1. In English, they have continued to focus on Rapunzel by Bethan Woolvin. After much anticipation, the boys were excited to finally read the whole story and discover that unlike the traditional version, Rapunzel was able to come up with a plan to save herself from the tower. They wrote a diary entry, from the perspective of Rapunzel in the first person, about their escape from the tower. The boys enjoyed coming up with a plan about how they would defeat the wicked witch in the story! In Maths, the boys continued to develop their understanding of place value to 50, thinking about partitioning tens and ones and the number line to 50. In Topic, the boys used their learning from The History Man to think about medieval weapons to attack and defend a castle. In Science, the boys learned about the history of Lego and thought about the properties of plastic. The belated whole school Pancake Race was another real highlight for the boys this week and it was great to see their sportsmanship and encouragement of their friends.

Despite the inclement weather, the Year 2 boys have had a tremendous week with the obvious highlight – Egyptian Day! We were delighted to see so many imaginative outfits to really bring our day alive! The boys had great fun decorating a sarcophagus box; creating a clay scarab beetle; cooking hummus and flatbreads; writing hieroglyphics on real papyrus and creating a mummified cat along with a host of other activities. On top of this, they have be undertaking work on length and height with the boys eagerly using their rulers and metre rulers to measure things around the classroom along with comparing the sizes of different objects. In English, they have continued with their non-chronological reports with the boys inventing their own species which they really enjoyed. Finally in Science, the boys investigated the use of conductors and insulators testing them on circuits to see if they worked!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

Star Boys

RSW: Yuvan Goyal & Luke Leeds

RW: Louis Coyle and Austin Howarth-Hough

1T: Hugo Hughes & Ford McCoy

1W: Calhan Rochford & Jacob Smith

2JP: Archie Kirkpatrick & Tomas Payne

2LC: Patrick McHugh & Hudson Witsberger

Kindness Cup: Rohan Nijhar

RSW started our World Book Day off with a super assembly all about reading. With the boys suitably dressed they spoke articulately, in addition to having to learn two songs! It was a great way to start the day and it is always lovely to see our youngest boys participate with real gusto. A big well done to all involved.

This week, Reception have continued to explore maps and plans. After reading the story In Every House on Every Street by Jess Hitchman, the boys discussed their own homes and what goes on in each room.  The boys then drew a map of their own bedrooms and wrote some descriptive sentences.  In Literacy, they continued to explore some tricky digraphs; ‘ow’ and ‘oo’. They have also worked hard on writing independent sentences using their phonetic knowledge to sound out words.  In Mathematics, the boys explored doubles and halves and have revisited pairs of numbers that make the same number.  The boys enjoyed making numicon butterfly doubles, double dominoes, and rolled the dice to score a double, before writing these as an addition calculation.  They did the same for halving and used the part whole model to illustrate this. The weekly visit to ‘Ten Town’ enabled them to meet 18.

This week, Year 1 embarked on an exciting literary journey as they delved into the captivating tale of The Egg by M.P. Robertson during their English lessons. In this enchanting story, they followed the adventures of George, a boy who stumbled upon a mysterious egg in a chicken coop, only to discover it harboured a baby dragon within. Engrossed in the narrative, the boys began by vividly describing the dragon before immersing themselves in planning thrilling escapades for George and his newfound companion. As the imagination soared, ideas flourished, ranging from expeditions to a dazzling crystal cave, daring encounters with erupting volcanoes, to soaring through the skies above a floating city. In the Maths, the focus remained on strengthening foundational skills as the boys diligently tackled numbers up to 50. Concepts such as finding one more or one less were practiced, along with estimating numbers on a number line. In RE, boys continued their learning on the significance of Easter for Christians, particularly delving into the events of Maundy Thursday. Through engaging discussions and insightful readings, they gained a richer understanding of the traditions and narratives surrounding this sacred time of year.

What a fabulous week Year 2 have enjoyed. The boys demonstrated their good understanding of a non-chronological report in English by writing one independently correctly using the features that we had discussed in the previous week. They then moved on to the fun topic of rhyming and poetry with the boys identifying rhyming pairs and coming up with their own. The highlight of the week was clearly World Book Day where we were delighted to see such a bright, array of costumes ranging from Harry Potter, David Attenborough, Poirot, Mrs Armitage, along with a variety of characters from Roald Dahl – clearly our recent topic has enthused the boys! In Maths, they have completed the topic on Length and Height as well as started our new topic on Mass, Capacity and Temperature. In Science, the boys designed their own circuits in order to make a bulb work with the plan to create their own working circuit next week. We had a range of things from football floodlights to fascinating bedrooms. The boys have also been busy preparing for our Mother’s Day Tea next week which they are extremely excited about.

I hope you have a great weekend and hopefully enjoy a little bit of Six Nations!

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

Star Boys

RSW: Ethan Clark & Rupert Scott

RW: Henry Hoy & Luca Prothon

1T: Charlie Edgar & Jackson McCarroll

1W: Yuvraj Kotecha & Joey Tonkyn

2JP: Coareigh Rochford and Freddie Tarr

2LC: George Hamilton & Sammy Parker

Kindness Cup: Fraser Kirkpatrick

Our class assemblies for the term were brought to a close this week with 1W’s retelling of Food Fight by Alex Latimer. With tolerance as its main theme, it certainly stressed to the boys the importance of all us all getting along together and with a super short film containing examples of the boys working with each other it was simply a wonderful assembly. Well done to all involved.

It has also been lovely to see you at Parents’ Evening this week and I hope you found the evenings useful. A special thank you to the staff for what has certainly turned out to be a very busy week. As I write this, preparations are underway for our annual Mother’s Day Tea and I look forward to welcoming you this afternoon.

Reception have thoroughly enjoyed exploring a story called Last Stop on Market Street by Matt De La Pena. The children thought about how they come to school and what they see on their journey.  They had a go at drawing their route and writing sentences about what they see.  The boys enjoyed being imaginative and created a collage bus using a range of coloured papers.  Our RWI lessons continue to explore set two digraphs learning short ‘oo’ sound, ‘ar’ and ‘or’.  Through our understanding the world learning, the boys have looked at some elements of road safety.  We took a tour of the School discussing how we travel through the school.  We talked about areas where we need to be mindful of dangers.  The children enjoyed exploring road safety through some art activities and through role play.  The Mathematic focus has been on addition and subtraction facts.

It has been another productive week in Year 1. In our Maths lessons, the boys have been engaged in hands-on explorations of volume and capacity, which have sparked their curiosity and enthusiasm. They have adeptly incorporated vocabulary such as ‘full’, ‘nearly full’, ‘nearly empty’, and ’empty’ into their discussions. Furthermore, they have begun comparing different volumes and capacities, using terms like ‘less than’ and ‘more than’ with increasing confidence. In English, the boys have been pursuing their storytelling, drawing inspiration from the narrative The Egg. Through collaborative planning and reflective discussions, they have composed tales of adventure with their dragon. They were tasked with using a range of sentence openers and descriptive language to describe the different settings they visit with their dragon. Inspired by Mr Rycroft’s assembly about Ramadan, the boys created an abstract crescent moon using textured materials in Art.

This week Year 2 have been focusing on rhyming in English. The boys took great delight in acting out Julia Donaldson’s One, Two, Three Blow poem and we were very impressed with their thoughts and ingenuity. They went on the write their own rhyming stanzas which they were very proud of. In Maths, we have looked at the tricky concept of Mass and Capacity with the boys beginning to recognise the difference between volume and capacity through an exciting investigation using jugs and containers. It was lovely to see the boys’ confidence in using the language of compare and capacity. Science this week was a highlight as the boys eagerly constructed their models which they had designed the previous week. The aim was to have a working circuit within their design and they thoroughly enjoyed this activity.

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

Star Boys

RSW: Aidan Goodwin & Cameron Rush

RW: Arjan Rai & Isaac Windsor

1T: Ethan Loftus & Krish Modha

1W:  Khush Arjan & Max Woodward

2JP: Archie Bourke & Ethan Edwards

2LC: Eisa Haque & Will Schindler

Kindness Cup: Jasper Coe

Last week we welcomed Mums in for our annual Afternoon Tea event. The boys really ‘did us proud’ and sang to their hearts content before sharing a treat with their very special person! This week a number of activities have be ‘egg-stra egg-citing’ as Easter approaches. A highlight was Tuesday which involved both the Easter Hat Parade and the Easter Egg Hunt. We were impressed again with their ingenuity when designing their fabulous new hats and a thank you to the volunteers who helped out with the hunt.

To complete their topic, Reception listened to the story Here we Are by Oliver Jeffers.  This beautiful book illustrates the incredible features our planet has and took us on a journey from being a part of the solar system, living in cities and towns and the amazing animal and plant life that inhabit different parts of the world.  The children illustrated their favourite elements of planet Earth and wrote some sentences.  Our Mathematic activities have consolidated various concepts learnt, including number sense, formation and recognition, pattern, shape, doubles and halves and number bonds.

This week, Year 1 completed a Design Day. They could design and construct either an animal puppet or delve into the realm of imagination with a friendly monster boasting three eyes, feathered ears, and a pom-pom tummy! Following the creative design phase, the boys eagerly embarked on the construction journey, sewing their puppet together with meticulous care. Then, with an array of materials at their disposal – from googly eyes and pipe cleaners to feathers, foam pieces, and fabric – they infused their puppet with personality and charm, breathing life into their imaginative creations.

Year 2 have enjoyed a busy end of term! The boys have been honing their skills with shape, identifying and naming both 2D and 3D shapes along with challenging themselves to symmetry questions. Easter craft has dominated this week with the boys creating their own Easter card along with a basket plus lots of fun Easter activities!

All that is left is for me to wish you a lovely Easter break and I look forward to welcoming you back for the start of the Summer Term.

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

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