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Summer Term 2024

Davenies School

The boys have certainly brought the warmth to the Summer Term even if the weather hasn’t! It is always a pleasure to welcome them back each term and this term is always busy and the growth in the boys is a delight to see.

A huge highlight of Reception’s week was the theatre trip to see ‘Zog and the Flying Doctors’.  The boys thoroughly enjoyed this live performance and were in awe of the story being brought to life.  Their behaviour was outstanding, with lots of members of the public commenting on the conduct of the children.  We were so proud of them.  The children have begun their ‘Going Green’ topic with earnest, planting their own sunflower seeds and discussing what plants need to grow.  We began the week with a story called Oi Frog by Kes Gray and Jim Field.  The children picked up the various rhyming strings and then had a go at writing their own animal rhyming sentences.  We had some wonderful ideas, including ‘Hawks sit on forks’, ‘Sharks sit on bark’ and ‘bees sit on fleas’.  The children learnt about how frogs grow and completed a diagram of the life cycle of a frog.  They then had a go at labelling their diagrams and writing some sequenced sentences.  The boys have learnt the trigraph ‘air’ this week and have been revisiting the digraphs learnt so far.  Our Mathematics focus has been on money. The children have explored coins to 20p, discussing values and having a go at making amounts using pennies. They thoroughly enjoyed discussing the growth of their sunflowers and had a go at an observational drawing of a sunflower, incorporating details and discussing the various parts of the plant.

It has been a wonderful week for Year 1. In Maths, the boys have been developing their understanding of multiplication by creating equal groups and arrays. They used counters to make their own arrays and counted in groups of two, five, or ten to find the total. In English, they were introduced to a new story called Beegu. They learnt that Beegu unexpectedly finds herself on Earth after crashing her spaceship. The boys answered comprehension questions on the text and imagined a new friend for Beegu. Linking their English work to Art, the boys used the front cover of the story as inspiration for their piece, which included a cityscape. They drew and then printed this onto a painted sunset. Science was a highlight for many as our new topic was introduced and they started to deepen their learning about animals. They sorted animals into different animal groups and started to observe differences such as feathers or scales.

Year 2 have started their final term in Pre-Prep with a flourish! They have embraced everything on offer so far with a positive attitude which is fabulous to see. They were excited to begin learning about their topic, The Sea. The boys used atlases to learn more about the bodies of water around the United Kingdom as well as identified the five oceans of the world with the boys sticking the continents and oceans onto a blank world map – rather a difficult challenge for them! In English, learning has been based around the story of The Lost Homework with the boys learning more about the travelling community and discussing comparisons with their own lives. In Maths, we have started the tricky topic of Fractions with the boys identifying parts; wholes; halves and quarters. In Science, they observed plants and wrote information about them using technical language such as stem, root, bulb, etc. Finally, we have been putting finishing touches to our artwork ready for the Art Exhibition which the boys are excited to share with you.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

Star Boys

RSW: Owen Byers & Noah Clare

RW: Henry Hoy & Nicolai Olsson

1T: Yuvraj Kataria & Bryn Lewis

1W: Edwin Coldham & Jasper Lou

2JP: Oliver Dickinson  & Tomas Payne

2LC: Nirvair Bahmra & Ben Lomax

Kindness Cup: Woody Garner

House Appointments 


House Captain:  George Hamilton

Vice-Captain: Rahil Bhasin


House Captain: Harrison Lunn

Vice-Captain: Ben Lomax


House Captain:  George Du Beke

Vice-Captain: Jenson Goodwin


House Captain: Oliver Dickinson

Vice-Captain: Zephan Warren

This week has seen the Pre-Prep Hall transformed ready for our annual Pre-Prep Art Exhibition. We look forward to welcoming to this on Tuesday and Wednesday next week and it will be open from 3:20pm – 6:00pm both of these days.

Reception have been exploring On Sudden Hill, by Linda Sarah and Benji Davies, a story about friendship and sharing fun. In the story, the children use cardboard boxes to enact make-believe adventures.  The children were invited to bring in their own cereal boxes and imagine what these could be before scribing their ideas in sentences.  Using a range of collage materials they then turned their boxes into inspired creations.  The boys also had a think about how they feel in their friendship groups and wrote about feelings when we feel left out.  In Mathematics, the children have explored measuring using a range of non-standard units.  They have also explored the need for standard units and have looked at centimetres and metres.  Our sunflower seeds have begun to grow and the boys thoroughly enjoyed measuring the stem of their tiny seedlings.  The children also had fun measuring themselves using a metre ruler with the help of Miss Smith.  We have also revisited money to remind ourselves of the different coins and their relevant values.

It’s been yet another bustling week in Year 1. Our Theme of the Week centred on Resilience, prompting the boys to reflect on how they can embody the qualities of resilient learning, persisting through challenges with determination. In our English lessons, we’ve delved deeper into the narrative of Beegu. The boys embarked on the task of creating a first-person diary entry from the perspective of Beegu, recounting her adventures and emotions after crash-landing on Earth. In Maths, the focus has been on the concept of creating equal groups through sharing, which has also enabled boys to practise counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10. Science has been abuzz with the exploration of animal classifications. From understanding the various animal groups used by scientists to discerning distinguishable features within each category. In Topic, the boys have explored old and new transport, contemplating the evolution of travel over time. In Art this week, we have taken inspiration from James Rizzi, an American artist renowned for his cartoon-inspired works.

Year 2 have had a brilliant week! In Maths they have continued with fractions, learning to identify and find a quarter and a third which proved a challenge for many! In English, they have worked through our story of The Lost Homework, focusing on a character description of the lead character, Sonny, along with looking at the relationship Sonny has with his father, noting through the pictures, their body language and interactions. In Topic, we had a fascinating look at the layers of the ocean with the boys showing particular interest in the different animals that exist down the deep! In Science, the focus was on growing a plant and discussing what a plant needs to grow successfully. They then conducted an investigation placing seeds in a variety of conditions and are eagerly awaiting the results!!

I hope you have an enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend.

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

Star Boys

RSW: Rohan Nijhar & Theo Shell

RW: Louis Coyle & Buddy Goldsmith

1T: Harry Boon & Edward Ross

1W: Nico Bergstrom & Kavi Derry

2JP: Rahil Bhasin & Harrison Lunn

2LC: Jude Boyle & Hudson Witsberger

Kindness Cup: Patrick McHugh

It might have only been four days but the boys have packed a huge amount into that, with trips, Art Exhibition and class photos it has certainly busy! We hope you enjoyed the Art Exhibition and I know the boys are always proud to escort you around. Unfortunately, we are unable to keep the Exhibition up longer than two evenings but we still have a selection of work available to view in the Jubilee Atrium if you missed out.

Reception have enjoyed exploring British garden birds this week. They have looked at how birds grow and have understood a bird’s life cycle.  The children had a go at creating some wonderful observational artwork of birds, looking closely at detail and colour. They also had a go at writing some bird facts.  The boys listened to the story Otto Blotter, Bird Spotter by Graham Carter before writing creative sentences about an imaginary bird of their own.  The Mathematic focus has been on telling the time to the hour on an analogue clock.  They made o’clock times on mini teaching clocks and matched o’clock times using a bingo activity.  As ever the boys have continued to explore digraphs in RWI and are working hard on independent word and sentence building skills using our increasing phonetic knowledge.

In English, Year 1 boys have been preparing a persuasive letter addressed to me! They have learned about various persuasive devices, including rhetorical questions, emotive language, and presenting clear facts. They will commence writing their letter next week and I look forward to reading them. During their Maths sessions, the boys have been immersed in learning about fractions. They began by exploring shapes divided into halves and then progressed to calculating half of various amounts. The combination of practical exercises and visual representations provided an effective learning balance for the boys. In Art, the boys added vibrant colours to their James Rizzi-inspired artwork, carefully selecting contrasting and bright colour combinations. In Computing, the boys honed their coding skills by programming a bee to pollinate flowers and assist Little Red Riding Hood in reaching her grandmother’s house. Of course the highlight for the boys was their visit to the Oxford Science Centre which I know they have told you all about!

Year 2 have really enjoyed their learning this week. In English, they tackled the tricky topic of speech marks, the boys had a go at correctly adding the necessary punctuation to various paragraphs to help consolidate this skill. Towards the end of the week, they finished the story The Lost Homework and discussed it as a class with a view to the boys inventing their own version next week. In Maths, they have continued with Fractions focusing on unit and non-unit fractions; recognising the equivalence of a half and two quarters along with recognising a quarter. The boys relished their Science lesson where they were given the chance to enjoy the fabulous weather on a wild plant hunt around the school using tally charts to record their findings. Finally in Art, the boys embarked on their design for their own shoebox aquarium.

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

 Star Boys

RSW: Noah Duncan & Louis Mileham-Robin

RW: Harjaap Bhatia & Joshua Marshall

1T: Woody Garner & Clifford Labuschagne

1W: Noah Farrell & Jacob Smith

2JP: Hugo Carter Shaw & Archi Fuschillo

2LC: George Mowat & Will Schindler

Kindness Cup: Calhan Rochford

1W started our class assemblies for the term with a very important message based upon the story Pass It On, by Sophie Henn. The story is about giving, sharing and joy and following the telling of it the boys provided the audience with a large number of ways in which happiness and kindness can be spread! The boys reads the read the story well, with conviction and spoke enthusiastically about spreading happiness. A really great way to start our assemblies and well done to all involved.

In Reception, the boys have continued to learn a little more about time this week.  Following the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle, they explored the days of the week and had a go at sequencing these making a days of the week paperchain.  The children also retold some of the caterpillar’s adventures through some chronological sentences.  Using the story they learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly.  The boys put their learning into a diagram which they labelled and had a go at writing some sentences independently. Art allowed them to revisit symmetry and make their own beautiful butterflies.  In Maths, the boys have been exploring place value and have been learning how many tens and ones there are in a given two-digit number.

In English this week, Year 1 used pictures as a stimulus for their writing. From pictures of astronauts, dinosaurs and hot air balloons to ignite their creative writing skills, they focused on refining their grasp of capital letters and full stops. In Maths, the focus shifted into finding quarters. Through hands-on activities, they learned to find a quarter of shapes and quantities, using the fundamental principle of create four equal groups. Using the equal sharing method, they successfully found quarters of different amounts. In Topic, the boys learned about the Viking Longship and labelled the features of the boat. In Science, the boys consolidated their understanding of animal classifications. They then categorised animals into dietary groups, discerning between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

Year 2 boys have adorned the classrooms with fabulous artwork representing their topic of The Sea! They were tasked with painting a seahorse using watercolour and then had the tricky job of painstakingly cutting each piece out and carefully sticking it onto black paper to recreate it. In Maths, they finished our work on Fractions along with revising various topics from throughout the year. In English, the boys read the complete story of The Lost Homework and then completed a text map on this as they started to think about their own versions ready to write next week. In Science, the boys concluded their learning on plants with them writing up the experiment that they had set earlier in the term. Finally in Topic, they looked at the importance of Sea Safety with a focus on the work carried out by the RNLI.

I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

Star Boys

RSW: Jack McGee & Jacob Middleton

RW: Luca Prothon & Issac Windsor

1T: Hugo Hughes & Monty Joy

1W: Harry Budge & Aarav Mehta

2JP: Nicolas Azoulay & Benjy Burrard-Lucas

2LC: Jenson Goodwin & Zephan Warren

Kindness Cup: Joshua Marshall

It was the turn of RSW to ‘wow’ us with their assembly this week on the theme of ‘Shape’. With gasps from some of the older boys when they spoke about shapes such as a dodecagon, a great song and the most amazing shape pictures, it was a lovely way to start our Thursday. The boys’ confidence when speaking in front of an audience is certainly developing and it was a truly lovely assembly. Well done to all involved.

In Pre-Prep Assembly this week we looked at how bees work together to produce honey and the example we can take from that. However, I suspect that it was the detail that bees have two stomachs (including a honey stomach) and the slightly more ‘yucky’ fact that bees are sick into each other’s mouths during the honey making process that they will remember!

This week, Reception have learnt about bees. Beginning with World Bee Day on Monday, the children listened to the story Omar the Bees and Me, by Helen Mortimer. They then discussed how bees work together to feed and protect the hive, before writing some bee facts.  They also learnt about the life cycle of a bee, illustrating this in a diagram with labels.  The boys thoroughly enjoyed making a collage bee using different materials.  We have continued to explore letters and sounds, using our knowledge to build words and sentences.  The children are becoming more independent in these skills.  In Maths, we have revisited concepts learnt across the year, including shape, time, money, number bonds, doubles and halves and number sense.

This week, Year 1 has been learning about a form of poetry called Kennings. They read various kennings and guessed the animals or subjects being described. Afterward, they began planning a kenning about themselves, jotting down ideas such as their favourite hobbies, personality traits, likes, and dislikes. Once their plans were complete, the boys wrote and performed their kenning poems. In Maths, the boys moved on to learning about position and direction. They helped toy animals turn left and right and complete quarter and half turns. In Computing, the boys continued to develop their coding skills. They programmed bubbles to pop when clicked and debugged the code to ensure the correct bubbles popped. In Art, the boys continued learning about sculptures, focusing on Brendan Jamison this week. They studied his sculptures made from sugar cubes and created their own sculptures using multilink cubes.

Year 2 have had a fabulous week exploring their topic of The Sea through their shoe box aquariums, which kept them absorbed for a full afternoon. The results are amazing and the boys are very proud of their individual creations. Away from the sea, we have tackled the tricky topic of Time, with the boys learning to recognise not only o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to but also how to read the time in five-minute intervals, which has been hard! Lots of consolidation of this over the Half-Term break would be incredibly beneficial! In English, we have had lots of fun introducing the boys to a variety of different traditional tales and discussing the difference between folk and fairy tales. The boys were tasked with reading a variety of stories and deciding which category the story was from. In Science, the boys concluded their topic on Plants with a fun quiz to both demonstrate and consolidate their learning.

The half term seems to have flown and next half term will only go quicker. The boys should be proud of all that they have achieved thus far and I hope they return after the Half-Term break refreshed and excited about what is to come.

I wish you all an enjoyable Half-Term break.

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

Star Boys

RSW: Oren Dhillon & Raheem OsmanRW: Philippe Cayirgan & Arthur Hale
1T: Krish Modha & Aaran Patel1W: Ranveer Sehgal & Joshua Thompson
2JP: Henry Johnson and Alexander Whelan2LC: Joshua Bennett & Felix Hobbs

Kindness Cup: Monty Joy

It was lovely to welcome the boys back on Monday following their Half-Term break and I look forward to watching them in their final term in their current year groups! Where has this year gone! For our assembly this week I had managed to source a video all about D-Day that was age appropriate and we thought about the importance of this event and how countries still need to work together to try and bring about peace in all parts of our world.

It has been a very busy week back for the youngest children in the school, who have made their teachers so proud of them.  They have settled back into school routines and excelled themselves in outstanding behaviour on their school trip.  They have begun their new topic ‘Reach for the Stars’ with a story Zog by Julia Donaldson, following which the children discussed careers and what they would like to be when they are grown up.  We had all sorts of ideas including, dentist, doctors, builder, performer, racing car driver, pilot and perhaps more importantly – a daddy!  The boys continue to practise their independent writing skills in RWI and our writing frames.  In Mathematics, they have looked at addition through stories; first, then and now and have used relevant symbols to demonstrate our understanding of relevant positions.  The highlight of the week has to be their wonderful trip to the RAF Museum in Hendon.  Here, the boys explored flying machines old and new and even took part in a workshop becoming flight explores.  A brilliant day!

It has been another busy week in Year 1. In English, the boys started by writing about the exciting activities they enjoyed during the Half-Term, using time openers to sequence the events in order. They then read the story How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth, focusing on VIPERS (vocabulary, inference, predictions, explanations, retrieval, and sequence) to delve deeper into the story and answer comprehension questions. In Maths, the boys concentrated on numbers and place value up to 100. They practised partitioning numbers into tens and ones and used their understanding of a number square to complete missing number puzzles. In Topic, the boys learned about the history of flight and how planes have evolved over time. They continued developing their coding skills by completing activities on Purple Mash and using simple codes to move objects.

Year 2 returned from their Half-Term break, refreshed and enthused ready for their final term in Pre-Prep. In Maths, they completed their topic on Time with the boys identifying time to five minutes; minutes in an hour and finally hours in day. They have really tried hard with this work as it is quite tricky! In English, they have been looking at stories from another culture which the boys have thoroughly enjoyed. They watched the story of Zahra along with listening to We’re going on a bear hunt and We’re going on a lion hunt to see what comparisons they could make. They ended the week with writing their own adventure story which was fabulous. In Topic, they looked at the key elements of the water cycle process in order to understand what goes on. The boys found this very interesting. Finally, in Science, the boys learnt about living and non-living things which they were fascinated by. On top of this, they have been learning songs galore ready for the upcoming Year 2 concert on Monday 17 June, along with many other events which happen at this time of year.

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

Star Boys

RSW: Miles Cooney Brinkworth & Rupert Scott

RW: Louie Lyons & Arjan Rai

1T: Jovan Khullar & Julian Sutton

1W: Arthur Busby & Calhan Rochford

2JP: Oscar Lowden & Jasper Morgan

2LC: Jasnoor Bhatia & Patrick McHugh

Kindness Cup: Jude Boyle

It has been another very busy week in Reception with the children developing some wonderful independence in all areas of learning.  Their ‘Reach for the Stars’ topic continues with a story called How to Catch a Star, by Oliver Jeffers.  The boys thought of different ways of how they would catch a star.  Their creativity continues to impress with some wonderful ideas including using a catapult, a rocket, a ladder, a trampoline and one little boy said once he got into Space he would grab it and put it into a bag.  The children are retaining the tricky digraphs and trigraphs learnt and putting these into their phonetic spellings.  The Mathematic focus has been on subtraction stories.  The boys have thought about these in terms of first, then and now.  They have then put their configurations into subtraction statements using the relevant symbols.  They have learnt a little about Space, beginning to understand the planets within our solar system as well as the various extreme environments these offer.  The children understand that Earth is the only planet to have life.  The boys also learnt about the importance of the sun, giving us light and heat.

Year 1 had a wonderful week filled with exciting learning activities. They began by reinforcing their understanding of numbers up to 100. The boys compared numbers with the same tens digit, focusing on the ones digit to determine which number was greater. They then progressed to comparing any numbers up to 100. In English, the boys continued their work based on the book How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth. This week, they focused on alliteration and prepositions. They also considered ideas for additional books in the series, such as Does Your Brilliant Badger Need a Bath?. In Science, the boys continued their study of plants. They labelled the parts of a flowering plant and shared their knowledge about the plants they enjoy growing. They also began to learn about the importance of each part of the plant. In PE, the boys had their final practice sessions ahead of Sports Day and are eagerly looking forward to the big event on Friday.

Year 2 have had another busy but exciting week! In Maths, they have started the topic of Position and Direction and the boys greatly enjoyed the Gangsta Granny video which tested their knowledge! In English, they have been honing their writing skills. They have been given some picture and vocabulary prompts in order to plan their creative piece with the focus being on correct punctuation, interesting adjectives and exciting plots. It has been challenging for them but their creative juices are certainly flowing. In Topic, the boys tackled the tricky subject of Pollution, designing fabulous posters to remind us all of the importance of keeping our oceans clean. In Science, the boys looked at minibeasts and their habitats. Finally, the boys have been busy rehearsing for a number of events, including the Year 2 Concert on Monday which they are very excited about!

As I sit putting this together at home I know that in school excitement is building to two important events: Father’s Day Breakfast and Sports Day. I am sure they will go smoothly and I look forward to welcoming Year 2 families to their Concert on Monday afternoon.

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

Star Boys

RSW: Idris Mead & Cameron Rush

RW: Fox Baber & Henry Freudmann

1T: Charlie Edgar & Ethan Farrell

1W: Aryan Jafri & Luca Robb

2JP: Archie Kirkpatrick & Freddie Tarr

2LC: Eisa Haque & Arjan Rai

Kindness Cup: Jasper Morgan

RW started this half of term’s form assemblies with a brilliant assembly reflecting upon their Reception year. The boys spoke about all they have learnt, recited an amazing poem and sang a lovely song about future job roles! It was great to see how far they have come and I know the Year 1 staff are excited to have them next academic year. A great way to start the day and well done to all involved.

Having returned to school on Monday the boys were eager to tell me all about their exploits least week with the Father’s Day Breakfast and Sports Day being obviously highlights. I hope you enjoyed these as much as the boys did.

With the Prep School out for Residential week, the Pre-Prep have thoroughly enjoyed having the run of the School! They have made use of the field, visited the Prep School library and some have even had some Prep School staff teaching them!

Reception have begun to think a little about moving on to Year 1 this week, beginning with their favourite memories from the year, to a practical walk plotting their journey to Year 1.  They discussed differences and similarities between the classes.  The children also expressed their feelings about their new classes.  The general emotion is one of excitement. Literacy lessons continue to focus on phonic skills and the boys have learnt the digraph ‘ir’ and are writing creative sentences with independence.  They thoroughly enjoyed being imaginative when writing about a mysterious castle in their journal time.  In Maths, the boys have explored odd and even numbers as well as doubles and halves.  Lunchtimes have made them feel very grown up, in that we are now collecting our own trays, cutlery, and lining up at the servery with Year 1 and 2.

With the sun finally making an appearance and boosting everyone’s spirits, Year 1 have had an exceptional week of learning. The boys eagerly revisited their learning from this year to complete ‘show what you know’ activities in both Maths and English. Adding to the excitement, with the older boys away on their Residential Trips, Year 1 had the privilege of welcoming Mr Tennant from the Prep School to teach Mental Maths. The boys were enthusiastic to impress him with their skills, confidently sharing their understanding of odd and even numbers and comparing values using greater than and less than symbols. A highlight of the week was the Library session. The boys were thrilled to explore the main School Library with Mrs Prentice, igniting their curiosity and love for reading. In Phonics, the boys continued their journey through alternative spellings, focusing on their ‘best bets’ for different sounds, further enhancing their literacy skills.

Year 2 have had a brilliant week, starting off with their fabulous Year 2 Concert that made both parents and teachers alike, very proud. It was a wonderful way to start the end of year celebrations. Back in the classroom, they have completed our Maths and English assessments, which the boys coped with admirably well. In Maths, they finished the topic of Position and Direction. In Science, the boys looked at habitats and animals and matched the correct pairs. Of course, the obvious highlight was the trip to Brighton Aquarium where they were blessed with the weather. The boys had a fantastic time exploring the aquarium, asking many pertinent questions before enjoying their lunch at a traditional British seaside.

Well done boys – it has been an excellent week!

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

Star Boys

RSW: Ethan Clark & Yuvan Goyal

RW: Gabriel Hussain & Vivaan Mehta

1T:  Henry Leyland & Jackson McCarroll

1W: Joey Tonkyn & Jasper Lou

2JP: Archie Bourke and Archie Kirkpatrick

2LC: Morgan Barnfield & Arthur Lovelock

Kindness Cup: Jenson Goodwin

It was the turn of 1T to dazzle us with their assembly this week, as they regaled us with the story of How to be a Lion, by Ed Vere, exploring the important theme of staying true to yourself with the message at the end ‘you be you and I be I.’ The boys had huge smiles on their faces and spoke clearly and eloquently in front of the Pre-Prep. The boys then excitedly shared a slide-show full of photos from their year of learning and their pride was evident on their faces! It was a fabulous way to end their Year 1 journey – well done to all involved!

Reception have been continuing to think about their move to their new classes in September.  The children have thought about what they are looking forward to and what worries they may have about the change.  Under a rainbow, the boys wrote some sentences about what they are excited about.  These included, new toys, new teachers, new friends and Golden Time.  They then wrote sentences about their anxieties under a cloud.  These included, harder learning, missing my teachers and where will I sit.  As part of the transition, the Year 1 teachers took it in turns to read a story to Reception. The boys continue to explore letters and sounds in RWI and practise their independent writing skills.  The children have learnt a little about transport, understanding how different vehicles move and how they have changed over time.  The boys did a painting of their favourite motor vehicle.  In Mathematics, they have revisited some of the wide ranging concepts learnt in Reception and have demonstrated good understanding of their learning.

In English, the focus for Year 1 was the fascinating life of wombats. Using an array of resources including books, articles, and informational videos, the boys delved into researching these unique animals. They took detailed notes, which will form the foundation for their upcoming task of writing a non-chronological report about wombats. The boys explored the history of the teddy bear in their Topic lessons. They read about President Theodore Roosevelt and the story behind the creation and naming of the teddy bear. Following this, they examined the evolution of teddy bears over time, arranging various types from oldest to newest. The bears they studied included Steiff bears, Care Bears, and Ty Beanie Baby bears. In Computing, the boys continued to enhance their coding skills. They successfully debugged existing code and even created their own programs to move objects across the screen. This hands-on experience is helping them build a strong foundation in coding. The focus in Maths this week was on money. The boys learned to recognise coins and notes, and practiced adding different amounts. They applied their counting skills, specifically in 2s, 5s, and 10s, to add efficiently amounts.

It has been another busy week in Year 2! The boys have enjoyed learning about Statistics in Maths this week with them learning to use tally charts, bar charts and pictograms to record information. In English, the boys have learnt about compounds word along with writing their end of year assembly, which they are very excited about! In Topic, they explored the interesting topic of Pirates that kept them engaged for a very long time and has inspired a variety of pirate ship drawings all week! Along with this, the boys eagerly completed their pirate portraits which will be proudly displayed in the classroom. Finally, in Science, the boys looked at food chains and had to complete a variety of food chains making sure that the animals were from the same habitat.

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

Star Boys

RSW: Luke Leeds & Harman Singh

RW: Fraser Kirkpatrick & Arlo Riches

1T: Jasper Coe & Ford McCoy

1W: Frank Heal & Yuvraj Kotecha

2JP: Ethan Edwards & George Du Beke

2LC: Sammy Parker & Jenson Goodwin

Kindness Cup: Benjy Burrard Lucas

Focusing on our Theme this week, The Joy of Sport, Reception have enjoyed learning about various different types of sport and tournaments.  Football is popular with our youngest children and the boys thoroughly enjoyed discussing the Euros, their favourite teams and designed their own football strips.  They continue to explore letters and sounds and have called upon their extensive phonetic knowledge to write with independence.  They impressed their new Year 1 teachers on move up morning with their fantastic writing.  In Maths, the boys have thoroughly enjoyed exploring weight and capacity through a variety of practical activities and challenges.  Reception have also enjoyed Buddy Time with Year 2, sharing their move up morning experiences with the oldest children in the Pre-Prep.

It has been another busy week during our last full week in Year 1. The boys have continued to work hard, and we could not be prouder of how far they have come as we reflect on this year. With the excitement of spending some time with their Year 2 teachers this week, the boys are certainly feeling ready for the next challenge at Davenies, even if we aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to them! This week, the boys have started to learn about time. They began by ordering the days of the week and months of the year, and then progressed to telling the time to the hour and half-hour. In English, the boys read the story Diary of a Wombat, wrote a book review, and helped the wombat improve her diary entry by adding descriptive vocabulary.

It has been a fabulous last full week in Year 2 with the boys gearing up for their end of Pre-Prep assembly, as well as transitioning to the Junior School which they handled magnificently. The boys arrived on Tuesday morning full of anticipation for their next adventure and returned to us later in the morning full of excitement for the year ahead. In Maths, we have managed to keep the boys focused enough to complete a variety of end of term assessments which they did extremely well. In Science, the boys eagerly studied the different oceans and observed the differences in the food chains. In Art, the boys had great fun designing their own Pirate Ship which they then compared with their friends’. On top of all this, the boys have been working hard for their final assembly in the Pre-Prep! The smiles on their faces as they regaled the Pre-Prep with their memories was simply fabulous. Their enthusiasm for the singing was simply inspiring for the younger boys and an excellent way to end the week. Well done boys- we are extremely proud of you and the journey that you have been on.

Have a lovely weekend and hopefully see many of you at Saturday’s Ball!

Mrs Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep

Star Boys

RSW: Auberon Brand & Theo Shell

RW: Arthur Hale & Austin Howarth-Hough

1T: Ethan Loftus & Ibrahim Rahman

1W: Khuśh Arjan and Joey Tonkyn

2JP: Archie Fuschillo & Coareigh Rochford

2LC: George Hamilton & Josh Holder

Kindness Cup: Nico Bergstrom

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