Under the Sea!

As part of their topic on The Sea, Year 2 ventured to sunny Brighton to visit the world’s oldest aquarium.

Year 2 were incredibly excited to come face-to-face with exotic creatures such as an octopus, black tipped reef shark, rays and starfish including the giant starfish during a  visit to Brighton Aquarium. The boys had the opportunity to explore the world’s oldest aquarium and discover the different aquarium zones in small groups, observing the marine life discussed in their lessons. They learnt about the conservation plans for the beluga whales, little grey and little white which they found fascinating.

After an exhilarating trip around the aquarium, the boys also enjoyed a British seaside experience complete with dive-bombing seagulls! Thankfully, only one boy lost a sandwich but it certainly added to the excitement of the day. The boys and staff even managed a sneaky dip in the sea, which all adored under the watchful eyes of the lifeguards who were more than happy to talk to the boys about their role in sea safety.

The boys were brilliantly behaved, embodying the Davenies Code ensuring a great day out was had by all!

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