Year 1 Immersed in Science

Our budding scientists in Year 1 had an exciting visit to the Science Oxford Centre where they were immersed in all things STEM.

Eager to begin, the boys were warmly welcomed by the staff upon arrival at the Science Oxford Centre and immediately immersed themselves in a range of activities. They transformed into water explorers, constructing dams, building boats, experimenting with sinking or floating and using the outdoor Water Lab to measure liquid volumes. The day’s highlights continued with a captivating Woodland Walk, where they ventured through diverse habitats, observing the changing seasons. Engaging all their senses, the boys searched for signs of animal life in the woodland, ponds, meadows, and grasslands surrounding the Science Oxford Centre—spotting a delightful newt along the way. In the Exploration Zone, the boys experimented with a scarf shooter to observe how air can propel objects through tunnels, crafted circuits, designed paper parachutes, and tested them using a fan.

Their scientific curiosity led them through a variety of engaging activities, making it an exceptionally successful day for Year 1.

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