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Year 6 Discover Intricacies of Maths at Science Museum for ACE Day

At the Science Museum, Year 6  had the opportunity to learn about the intricacies of Maths and how they link to the world around us for their ACE Day experience.

Year 6 boldly went where multiple school trips had been before, but did so with a certain stylish elan which Head of Maths, Mr Davidson, is 100% confident had yet to be seen in the Science Museum. The boys packed a huge amount into one day: they explored Maths through the ages and its links to code-breaking in the world wars, in the development of modern medicine and in the technology which allows aeroplanes to fly. They worked as trainee journalists throughout the day, taking copious notes for their reports (no doubt Robert Peston will already be quaking in his boots!). Year 6 also got their hands dirty learning about how modern activists are using Science to combat climate change.

A thoroughly inspiring day of Maths, and a new appreciation for Maths beyond the classroom, was experienced by all.


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