Year 8 Pitch to the Dragons

Year 8 delivered pitches to staff, parents and siblings and presented their business ideas to them for the culmination of their Dragons’ Den Project.

An important part of the boys’ Davenies Award Scheme (DAS) programme, the Dragons’ Den project offers Senior boys the chance to further develop their teamwork and presentation skills, whilst also enhancing their understanding of product development, marketing and advertising.  Projects and experiences like this one are designed to enhance the boys’ all-round education, to strengthen their understanding of fundamental transferable skills, and teach them essential life skills.  Many of the strands of what makes up DAS were on show, such as teamwork, leadership, global understanding of target market and current affairs, and presenting and public speaking skills.

As such, the boys had been tasked to come up with the following (the four Ps of marketing):

  • The Product itself – design, packaging, product name, logo
  • The Price – selling price and any offers
  • The Place – to whom the boys were selling to and where
  • The Promotions – how were the boys going to advertise it, as well as an advert and poster

Their purpose was to look for funding for this product, so the boys had to convince the dragons that their products were original and sell as part of an outstanding promotional campaign.

This year’s pitches, lasting 4-6 minutes, boasted a wonderful array of product design and some well-polished deliveries.  These ranged from aftershaves and perfumes, to mock-tails and snack bars.  It was highly impressive, although not surprising, to see the high level of effort and time that had gone into these original ideas and the hours of extra work outside of weekly session time that had got the boys ready to present.  This will set the boys up wonderfully for starting the ‘Tenner Challenge’ next term.


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