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DAS Project Presentations

Boys in the Senior School were joined by parents as they presented the culmination of their DAS projects.

The Davenies Award Scheme (DAS) for Years 7 and 8 is a huge part of the Senior School and is a wonderful culmination of all the skills the boys have learnt throughout their educational career at Davenies. It was only fitting, therefore, that the boys were able to present their work to parents . All boys in the Senior School were given the opportunity to present numerous times to a number of different parents and then took questions. Year 7 presented their Endeavour Projects to parents and teachers in the PAC. They were given free reign and a blank canvas to pick a topic of their choice to speak passionately about.  These topics were broad and showed the variety of interests the boys have. Examples included the history of Dodgeball, the Queen v the Prince debate and a look at off road cycling.

Elsewhere in the Lockyer Building, Year 8 pitched their Dragons’ Den challenge, which was focused on Product Design and Marketing. Year 8 designed, researched, priced, advertised, produced prototypes and promoted ideas as part of the process. Groups’ products ranged from new drink ideas to cereal bars and aftershave.

The boys in both year groups approached their projects with enthusiasm, maturity and teamwork. Their high levels of engagement and interest also meant that many requested extra time to complete various strands of their projects, before they were presented to parents. Projects such as these give the boys the chance to work on research and presentation skills, as well as their creativity, which will serve them well at their chosen senior schools.






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