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Senior Boys Marvel at Zimmer vs Williams

Boys in the Senior School travelled to Oxford to listen to the London Concert Orchestra perform epic scores celebrating the two greatest film music composers of all time, Hans Zimmer and John Williams.

On the night of the boys’ visit, The New Theatre in Oxford was completely sold out, and for good reason. The dramatic and reassuring melodies of the two composers allowed staff and boys to become temporarily lost in a world of fantasy. Theme songs played ranged from Star Wars to Harry Potter, Jurassic Park to Schindler’s List (which received a standing ovation). After each  piece of music, the conductor faced the audience to provide context, speaking about the music in a humorous and interesting way. At one stage, Davenies, amongst others, stood and attempted to conduct the orchestra, but further practice was clearly in order, however!

A wonderful day of stunning music was had by all.

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