Each striving

for the

good of all


Our school motto, singulus pro fraternitate laboranseach striving for the good of all – defines the ethos of Davenies as a school. Similar to the life that bees live in this country, we work together to ensure the very best outcome as a team, focusing on how we can help our community in varying ways.

Davenies School
Davenies School

House System

A sense of community is important at Davenies and each boy is allocated to a House: Cook, Drake, Scott or Shackleton.

Named after intrepid explorers, our House system ensures that each and every boy, and member of staff, feel a sense of belonging. The House system incorporates various competitions throughout the year from the House Pancake Race to Sports Days. We also have an House Quiz and singing competition. Each boy’s effort and achievement are rewarded individually and House Points are awarded as a result. There is a termly competition for these where a cup is presented to the winners at the End-of-Term Prize Givings. There is also an additional incentive for the Pre-Prep boys to compete for a weekly House Points Cup. At the end of the School year, the House Cup is awarded to the House that has accumulated the most points throughout the year, taking into consideration all House competitions.

In the Pre-Prep, House allegiance is signified by a coloured trim on the collar of the boys’ polo shirts, whereas in the Prep School, a House Tie is worn. The boys are proud of their House affiliation and it gives them an identity across the School and its age ranges.

Davenies School
Davenies School
Davenies School

Davenies Team

Davenies School




Correspondence for the Chair of Governors should be directed to Mr Ken Brockless, Clerk to the Governors, either via email (bursar@davenies.co.uk) or by post to Davenies, 73 Station Road, Beaconsfield, HP9 1AA.

Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Davenies School

Davenies’ vision is to Engage, Inspire, Challenge.

At Davenies, we believe that happy, confident pupils become more caring individuals equipped with a greater sense of perspective and emotional control to grasp all the possibilities that life has to offer. Furthermore, happy pupils really do make better learners.

The School is split along pastoral lines: Pre-Prep (Reception – Year 2), Junior School (Years 3 and 4), Middle School (Years 5 and 6) and Senior School (Years 7 and 8), each with its own Pastoral Head. Each Pastoral Head oversees a team of staff, whose responsibility is to support the boys’ wellbeing on a day-to-day basis. This support is undertaken as follows:

Pre-Prep – by the Class Teachers, who also teach all subjects except French, Music and Sport.

Junior School – by the Class Teachers, who also teach the majority of each class’s academic lessons.

Middle School – by Form Teachers, with all subjects being taught by specialists.

Senior School – by Tutors, who will see the boys through both Years 7 and 8, supporting their academic and personal development as they mature both emotionally and intellectually during these key years.

The Pastoral Team (which includes our School Nurse and SENCO, in addition to the Pastoral Heads) convenes weekly in order that we continue to understand and meet the needs of the pupils. Additionally, our peer mentor scheme affords further support for the boys.

Child Protection & Safeguarding

The Governing Body takes seriously its responsibility under section 157 of the Education Act 2002, and the Education (Independent School Standards) (England) Regulations 2014, to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and to work together with other agencies to ensure adequate arrangements within our school to identify, assess, and support those children who are suffering harm.

We recognise that all staff and Governors have a full and active part to play in protecting our pupils from harm, and that the child’s welfare is our paramount concern.  The School prohibits the use of Corporal Punishment.

At Davenies, the Lead Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is Mrs Deborah Battersby (Assistant Head: Pastoral & Safeguarding), and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads (DDSLs) are Mr Joe Stephenson (Head of Junior School) and Miss Sophie Bell (Head of Middle School) who are members of the SLT and have undertaken the necessary training to ensure that they can carry out their safeguarding responsibilities effectively. Dr D. Sahota is the Governor responsible for Safeguarding at Davenies.

Further information can be found in the School’s Safeguarding Policy.

Davenies School

Friends of Davenies

Welcome to Friends of Davenies (FoD)

Whether you have a child here, work or teach here, or are involved in any way with the School, you are all Friends of Davenies and we thank you for your interest and support.

Your 2023/24 FoD committee members are listed below (including our sons’ year groups).

Ann TennantPresident
Liz SmithChair (Year 6)
Deborah BattersbyHead of Pre-Prep & Headmaster’s Representative
Sophie Baber(Reception)
Jennifer Brinkworth(Reception)
Jodi Coe(Years 1 & 3)
Sasha Connell(Year 7)
Rebecca DickinsonSecretary
Nhila Farooq0Bashir(Year 7)
Nicole Forder(Years 2, 5 & 6)
Shona Hooker(Year 7)
Bettina Hussain(Reception)
Monica Lennon(Year 6)
Anna Lindgren(Year 8)
Steven Lunn(Year 2)
Amy Pratsides(Years 4 & 6)
Anna ShewardTreasury (Years 3 & 6)
Jonathan WoodwardTreasury Assistant (Year 1)
Davenies School

The Friends of Davenies is all of us. Originally started by our President, Ann Tennant, over 20 years ago, FoD (a registered charity since 2016) continues to organise fun, social events, across the School. Our primary role is social, providing an excellent way to bring staff, parents and friends together in support of the School. Any money we raise during the year is divided between donations to the School and external charities.

The monies we raise for Davenies are allocated by FoD Trustees to fund projects pitched by the School. These are not covered by school fees and, therefore, the Trustees judge and approve that they will enhance the learning experience of the boys, and the wider community that use the facilities at Davenies.

The FoD organises exciting events that include: the Blue Pig Café (bacon butty sales), Years 5 and 6 discos, Halloween toffee apple sales, local pantomime attendance, race nights, quiz nights, fairs, Easter egg hunt for Pre-Prep, Giving Machine, foreign/old coin collection… And, of course, the Ball and Summer Fair, alternating every two years.

The contribution towards the artificial cricket-wicket; buying the barbecues used at the Summer Fair and other events; buying fun pool equipment such as large floats; Davenies mugs for match teas; kitchen equipment including mixers for the boys’ kitchen; servicing of the Handbells; cricket equipment for the 2017 cricket tour to Grenada (which was later donated to the local Grenadian schools); and recently, two Reading Pods for use by boys in break time.

If you are interested in getting involved, whether in a small or large capacity, or you simply just want to find out a little bit more about what we do, please either contact us on Classlist, catch one of us around the school, or leave a message in the FoD pigeon hole in the School Office. We would love to hear from you!

FoD is a registered charity and our number is 1167552. It is recognised by HMRC as a charity for tax purposes. Our HMRC reference number is EW67778. We have a formal written constitution approved by the Charity Commission and our registration document can be viewed here at Registration Certificate FOD Adopted Constitution. We produce audited accounts each year to our year-end of 31st August. All elected committee members are trustees of the FoD Charity. A new committee is elected every year at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in June to which you are all invited.

A copy of the FoD Privacy and Data Protection Policy can be viewed by following the link.

Davenies School
Davenies School
Davenies School

Old Davenians

Davenies is extremely proud of its sense of community, and that the relationships and friendships formed here last a lifetime. Our alumni network of former pupils, known affectionately as Old Davenians (ODs), therefore forms an important and valued part of our community.

Through a range of approaches, we aim to stay in touch with our alumni and to maintain and enhance the relationship between the School and ODs after they leave, ensuring that the bond with Davenies continues. We are keen to hear about the endeavours, successes and achievements of our alumni, as well as provide opportunities to reconnect with the School and former school friends. We welcome news from our alumni that we can share with the OD community, so please send us any news, details of special events – births and marriages – or articles that you have written or produced that would be of interest to all.

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Davenies School

Old Davenians

Old Davenians

Keeping In Touch

Davenies School

Old Davenians News

Sense of Service

Throughout the academic year 2022/23, we raised over £20,000 through a programme of activities in conjunction with our Houses, the Friends of Davenies and local charities. Most of our main events are timetabled, but we also retain the flexibility to respond to immediate humanitarian appeals, or local needs. It is not always about raising money either; there are often alternative ways to support others such as through our care home music concerts, grocery collections for One Can Trust, or a warm clothing collection for Wrap Up London.

Davenies School

In January 2022, we introduced a ‘Spirit of Davenies Award’ to recognise those that have truly epitomised our school motto in their actions. From charity initiatives to encouraging genuine team spirit in their everyday behaviours, we enjoy celebrating the achievements of boys in our whole-school assembly each fortnight. These awards remind us of the importance of our motto and how we can strive to reflect it in so many different ways.

Each year, our main charities are selected by the boys in their Houses. By involving the boys in this way, they get to understand the importance of these organisations full and understand how they can help and support them. Once selected, the boys decide on the main fundraising event and work together to organise and advertise their initiative.
Recent examples include a sponsored walk for Young Minds, a quiz for The Christain Eye Foundation and a dress-up day for Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity. We were also able to host an event for a local charity, Teddy’s Wish, which raised additional funds on top of our school fundraising.

Attending Cubs sessions is a real highlight for Davenies boys. Aside from the many fun activities, there is also a focus on the community through badges and fundraising events throughout the year.

Our unique Davenies Award Scheme is a hugely important part of our Senior School enrichment programme in Years 7 and 8. During their final two years at Davenies, the boys take part in a range of different activities, projects and experiences that are all designed to enhance their all-around education and understanding of various essential transferable and life skills. Our aim is to ensure that every Davenies boy leaves us at the end of Year 8 as well prepared for their life ahead as possible; DAS sessions enable us to give everyone a range of experiences that help ensure this happens. The boys spend time on enterprise projects, listening to an array of speakers and also looking at supporting the community in different ways. The boys also have a chance to nominate charities close to their hearts for specific challenges.

Davenies continues to work with local schools to share ideas and resources. Our Primary Schools Superstars sports events bring together schools from the local area each term for a friendly competition. Two local primary schools currently make use of our swimming facilities free-of-charge and we are also in touch with local charities to ensure we are supporting where we can.

Our PSHE and assembly schedules ensure that the boys are kept up to date with our charity appeals and develop an understanding of how we can help others.