Davenies School

Concerto and Vocal Concert

Featuring current and former pupils, Davenies musicians collaborated with High March and professional musicians of Beaconsfield in a spectacular concert at St Michael’s Church.

A chamber orchestra, conducted by Mr Hayes, accompanied a wide range of music from Bach and Vivaldi to Tchaikovsky and Webber with great sensitivity. Hugh (Year 8) opened the concert with the final movement of the Mozart concerto no 4. His beautiful sound, solid technique and stylish phrasing set the high tone to the concert. Old Davenian, Ralph, went on to perform ‘Vouchsafe O Lord’ by Handel, revealing mature qualities of his voice and mesmerising listeners with his genuine expression. Hugh returned to the stage as a singer, too; his performance of ‘How Beautiful are the Feet’ by Handel was moving as his voice rang like a silver bell against a velvety accompaniment of the orchestra. George (Year 6) brought Russian melancholy to the stage with Nocturne by Tchaikovsky. His cello melodies soared above the orchestra, creating an evocative musical narrative. Ms Margot Rusmanis, a Peripatetic Music Teacher at Davenies, who lead the orchestra, also performed a Largo from ‘Winter’ by Vivaldi, causing much excitement among the audience. Mrs Tessa Suggett (current Davenies parent) marked a poignant and emotional point of the concert with a stunning performance of ‘I Know That My Redeemer Liveth’ by Handel.

Combined with beautiful performances from High March girls, past and present, as well as brilliant playing by Herrick Hayes on the horn and Graham Hine on the piano, this concert was an inspiring triumph of music. All profits from this concept will go to DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Fund.


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