House Pancake Race Crêpes Up On Us Again…

Complete with reusable pancakes, you’d batter believe the boys had a flipping great time for our annual House Pancake Race!

Held on the Astro, the whole School lined up to take their part helping their House attempt to win the coveted Golden Frying Pan. It was a closely run race, but Drake flipped their way to the top spot – well done to them. What is more heartening, however, is the sense of togetherness that this event embodies, as our Senior boys in Year 8 assist our youngest in Reception, making sure everyone gets the chance to participate, living our school motto each striving for the good of all. Added to this, our pupil voice made way for innovative change, as instead of tossing the traditional pancake, reusable pancakes (in House colours, of course) were instead employed, an initiative introduced by the Eco Council, mirroring our commitment to sustainability.  



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