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Pre-Prep Go On a Journey

Pre-Prep engaged in a range of alternative learning activities for a day ‘off-timetable’ exploring the story Journey by Aaron Becker – a journey of determination and unexpected friendships.

Reception were spellbound by the story; they talked about the magical worlds the character was transported to and imagined how life would be if they had a magic crayon to draw and make things come to life. The children then drew their own magical kingdoms with felt tips, complete with incredible forms of transport to travel. They had magic carpets to chocolate land, jet planes to dinosaur kingdom, aeroplanes to various favourite holiday destinations and even magic portals to space!

Year 1 were captivated by the detailed illustrations in the book; they explored the imagery with curiosity and enjoyed delving deeper to decipher what was happening and explore the emotions of the characters. The boys then came up with adjectives to describe the mesmerising and magical lands. One mode of transport the girl draws in the story is a hot air balloon. The boys created their own 3D papier-mâché balloons and very much enjoyed the sticky and messy process!

In Year 2, the focus was on the impact that the music had on the story and how it brought it alive. The boys had the opportunity to listen to and appreciate a variety of music and thought about the impact it has on our emotions and moods. The story then sparked creative writing opportunities; the boys wrote about the magic red pen and thought about where it might have come from and what magical powers it had.

The story certainly captured the imaginations of the Pre-Prep boys and brought about some wonderful opportunities for role play and discussion too.


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