Primary Schools are Superstars

Twelve excitable, local primary school, Superstar teams flocked to the Sports Hall at Davenies with their teams of ten to take on some “epic” activities requiring teamwork, skill and a bit of luck.

Five boys and five girls from Year 4 of each school enjoyed a rotation of activities that included the space hopper relay, the nerve-tingling catch game, the coconut shy, the basketball shooting, the skill shot, the crazy croquet and the Frisbee target game. It was mostly about teamwork with a little bit of skill, luck and fast running thrown in. The event concluded with a tug o war competition, in which all teams pulled and pulled and, in some cases, pulled again. In the words of one participant, ‘It was epic!’ Well done to St. Mary’s, Farnham Royal for winning the final pull against Farnham Common – both their efforts and good sportsmanship were worthy of note.

Tea and short presentation followed. All twelve schools were congratulated for their efforts, skill, excellent teamwork and sportsmanship. Butlers Court came out on top for the second successive year with St. Mary’s Beaconsfield finishing 2nd and Hughenden 3rd.

Community is at the heart of Davenies, and we are delighted to be able to offer our highly-skilled, specialist PE & Games teachers, as well as our outstanding facilities for others to benefit from. Congratulations to all on a stellar afternoon!

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