It’s a World of Dinosaurs for Year 2

Boys in Year 2 visited Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, where they had the opportunity to further their learning of dinosaurs and explore the park’s new attraction, World of Dinosaurs.

Year 2 had a brilliant day out to Paradise Wildlife Park. The first stop was the new attraction, World of Dinosaurs, where the boys encountered life-size, roaring dinosaurs such as the Velociraptor, Pterodactyl, Stegosaurus, Baryonyx, Indominus Rex, Triceratops and of course the ferocious T-Rex. The boys were enthralled with the display and eagerly raced around to see what was next. After a hearty lunch, the boys then had the opportunity to explore the zoo. There was an abundance of interesting animals such owls, big cats including two beautiful snow leopards along with white lions and jaguars. The boys had the opportunity to explore the rainforest where they came across a variety of monkeys and tapirs as well as the adorable sloth who kept a close eye on the boys as they wandered around! The reptile house was a favourite of the boys’ with giant snakes and spiders which they thought were marvellous.


Year 2 ended the day with a well-deserved play in Pirates Cove in the beautiful sunshine and the coach journey home was decidedly quieter as the boys were exhausted!

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