Reception Are Flight Explorers

Reception had an awe-inspiring day as they explored the skies and uncovered the immense history of the RAF.

Reception became flight explorers for the day, as they discovered aircraft old and new at the RAF Museum.  They learnt about how flight had evolved from the very early biplanes; the first of which was invented by the wright brothers in 1903 called the ‘Kitty Hawk’ to the very modern ‘Stealth Jet’ 2020.  The boys were thrilled with the various ranging speeds and distances the aircraft could travel; the Stealth being faster than the speed of sound.  They had the opportunity to discover the various museum hangers where they looked at the ranging aircraft, the materials they were made from and the purpose of their production.

The boys behaved impeccably and embodied the Davenies Code throughout their exciting visit to the RAF Museum.

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