Staying Safe Online with the Breck Foundation

In anticipation of Online Safety Day in a few week’s time, our celebration of Online Safety saw the Breck Foundation deliver workshops for both boys and parents on staying safe online.

To recognise this important day, we were fortunate to have the Breck Foundation come in to talk to all boys in Years 3-8, as well as hold an online talk for parents. The Breck Foundation’s aim is to help young children reclaim the internet, in a safe and responsible way, with a particular focus on grooming, safety and online exploitation. They do this through interactive talks that tell the story of Breck, a 14-year-old boy who was groomed online through a gaming server and was sadly murdered in 2014. Breck’s mother, Loren, set up the foundation in the hopes that she can prevent anything like this happening again. The talks are age-appropriate but really help to get the message across about the importance of knowing who you are talking to whilst online.

As a result of the talks, Mrs Walker in Computing lessons and Mrs Clarke in PSHE lessons, have both noted the conversations that the boys have been having and how mature and responsible they have been. Not only were they passionate about the subject, wanting to know more about online safety, but they have shared their own stories which is incredibly important, as keeping the lines of communication open about online safety was one of the main take away points from the talks.

If you are interested in listening to the online parent talk then please follow this link.

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