The History Man Visits Year 1

As part of their Castles and Knights learning journey, the Year 1 boys took part in a captivating hands on workshop led by The History Man, an expert in medieval history.

The workshop provided a unique opportunity for the boys to deepen their understanding of the medieval period, and throughout the day, the boys were thoroughly engaged and inspired by the immersive activities. Through hands-on experiences with authentic artefacts, the boys were able to transport themselves back in time, gaining a tangible connection to historical events.

The diverse activities included wearing heavy armour and medieval clothing, engaging in battles with shields and swords, playing medieval board games, and experiencing the thrill of firing catapults and trebuchets. Undoubtedly, the pinnacle of excitement for all involved was the live (and loud!) cannon firing on the Field. This awe-inspiring moment not only served as a thrilling spectacle but also brought history to life in a memorable way.

We extend our gratitude to David Cadle, The History Man, for such an exceptional workshop, leaving a lasting impression on our Year 1 boys.

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