Swimmers Showcase Aquatic Skills Against Gayhurst

Davenies’ swimmers from Years 3, 4 and 5 welcomed those from Gayhurst to showcase their aquatic skills and demonstrate the progress they have made with their competitive swimming this year and they did not disappoint.

Home swimming galas are always fun affaires with plenty of noise and enthusiasm from both swimmers and spectators. The individual events was fast and furious with each participant racing one event. There were wins across the board, but particularly impressive were the breaststroke swimmers whose techniques were spot on, right down to the two-hand touch finishes. There is always room to improve racing starts, but there were no disqualifications as divers remained rock steady on the blocks whilst under starters orders. The relays were brilliantly executed, but for one or two ‘flyers’ in the shallow end – remember, the rule is that you may not take your hand off the end of the pool until the incoming swimmer has touched! Davenies’ boys listened well, supported each other and swam fast. There is not much more you can ask for. Well done, everyone.

RESULT: Davenies 125    Gayhurst 102

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