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Year 1 Visit Home of Concorde

Year 1 had a fantastic day discovering the pioneers of speed and sound at Brooklands Museum, the birthplace of British motorsport and aviation and home of Concorde!

The Davenies Language of Learning encourages the boys to be Enthusiastic, Curious, Courageous, Persevering and Reflective, and Year 1 certainly put these attributes into practice as they took part in a guided tour of the museum enabling them to explore the history and science of transport by land and air. They also took part in a ‘Loopy Gliders’ learning-by-doing session, where they discussed the key principles of flight – including lift, drag, thrust, and gravity – and built their own paper flying craft. They also learnt  how the main parts of an aircraft help it to take flight, and how those lessons apply to their glider.

All-in-all the boys had a great day exploring Brooklands’ collection of cars, bicycles and aircraft, asking many questions of their guides along the way.


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