Year 1’s Hand-on Discovery at Science Oxford

Year 1 took their learning to Science Oxford where they had a wonderful time getting hands-on in the interactive workshops, and exploring the woodland through a guided tour.

The boys set off from Davenies headed for a day of hands-on discovery at Science Oxford. To begin, the Water Explorers workshop captivated their imaginations as the boys enthusiastically created dams, built boats and explored the concepts of buoyancy by investigating objects that sink and float. Additionally, they had the opportunity to measure quantities of liquids, which helped them understand the concepts of volume and capacity. The crowning moment was undoubtedly the outdoor Water Lab exhibit, which, despite a few wet jumpers and shorts, was enjoyed by all!

The Woodland Walk workshop invited the boys to embark on a journey through the beautiful grounds, awakening their senses to the wonders of nature. Exploring woodlands, ponds and grasslands enabled them to learn about diverse habitats and the changing seasons. A particular highlight was the immersive experience of transforming into bees and flowers, granting the boys first-hand insight into the intricate mechanics of pollination.

Year 1 departed Oxford Science with a wealth of newfound knowledge and a resounding sense of wonder, enriched by their exploration of science and nature.


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