Year 2 Egyptian Day

Putting their newly-acquired knowledge into practice, Year 2 enjoyed an Egyptian Day at school where they were fully immersed in their topic for the term.

Dressed appropriately in an array of costumes, Year 2 eagerly arrived for their Egyptian Day, treating Year 2 staff to Pharaohs, mummies and a number of Tutankhamuns, amongst many others!  The day started with the boys painting their very own Tutankhamun mask along with a cardboard tube, ready to be turned into a mummified cat later in the day. They then separated into groups and enjoyed a carousel of activities such as cooking flatbreads and making hummus; decorating a sarcophagus; moulding a scarab beetle with clay; using their knowledge of hieroglyphs to write on papyrus; designing an Egyptian bag, as well as completing a variety of Egyptian word searches and quizzes. It was a fabulous day culminating in the boys enjoying their flatbreads and hummus for snack whilst watching the Mummies movie, which was very funny.

It was both an enjoyable and rewarding day with the boys sharing their knowledge of all that they have learnt over the course of the term. Well done boys!

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