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Year 6 Maths Challenge

Four Year 6 boys eagerly travelled to the Oratory Senior School to put their mathematical knowledge to the test against seven other schools. Aarav gives us his account of their experience…

Five people from year six were selected for the maths challenge on 27 January, including: Aarav, Amit, William, Thomas and Joseph. Unfortunately, Joseph could not attend for exam purposes, but even in his absence, the team tried their hardest representing the School. Mrs Jackson kindly took us all the way to the Oratory Senior School so we could take part in the challenge.

There were eight schools taking part; Caldicott, Claire’s Court and St. Edwards are some of the schools that were there. We were later brought into a large room with eight black tables set out ready for the competition to begin. We were told there were three tasks, the first one was more word problems, the second was an estimation round, and then we had a maths rally.

In the first round we felt comfortable in the 18-question test answering all the questions and feeling comfortable. The second round was more exciting, with estimation. It was very active with nine different questions, nine bags were rotated with different items passed around in bags and we had to estimate what was in the bag, for example how many papers were in this pile. The third and final round was a rally challenge (if you are taught by Mr Tennant, you might have done something similar!) where a person had to go up and receive the question then as a team, we had to answer it and hand it in.

After having a filling meal, we were eager to learn the results. Davenies came 5th place with Claire’s Court winning the challenge. We tried our hardest and we are happy as we did our best. The challenge was a great experience.

Aarav, Year 6

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