Sky’s the Limit for Year 8

Year 8 were fortunate to get a rare opportunity to visit the Sky Up Academy Studios in West London.

The boys embarked on the trip bright and early and arrived at the studios, full of energy and enthusiasm. We were escorted up to the Academy Studios, passing a buzz of activity and a plethora of awards. An exciting introduction, with lights flashing, music and all the technology on show, set the theme for the rest of the morning. After a brief health and safety talk, the boys were separated into four groups, each with their own Sky leader and studio, boasting green screens, cameras and editing tables. The boys were then set the task of creating a news report based on the environmental challenges the world is facing presently, within the short time frame of an hour. Specific roles were allocated, from producer, editor, director, presenter or voice overs, and off they went! The scripts were written, clothing and props were chosen, lines recorded, segments filmed and the final edits put together. Once finished, the Sky leaders then worked their magic, editing all the clips together, whilst we were taken into a viewing gallery to see Sky Sports being filmed, live! The boys were able to see the presenters, guests and editing team in action, asking many a question about what they could see. We were finally asked back into the studio to watch the report the boys had put together and enjoyed seeing what each group had created, laughing at costume choices and listening to the information they had gathered.

The boys left the studios absolutely enthralled by what they had been part of and hopefully it has opened up a whole new world of thoughts about what careers they may want to pursue in the future. To finish off what was already a brilliant morning, the boys and staff were flooded with compliments from all the staff at Sky Academy about how wonderful the boys were and how excellent their behaviour was, so well done boys!


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