Helping Others at Wycombe Food Hub

Keen to put our school motto into action, boys in the Senior School gave up their Saturday morning to help at local food bank, Wycombe Food Hub.

After a brief tour, the boys were set straight to work unpacking donations on to the shop floor. They completed a variety of tasks, from portioning out tea and coffee, to labelling canned goods and cereals, breaking down the recycling, organising food crates and delivering items to the shop for immediate sale. The boys worked really hard as a team to complete each task diligently and efficiently. It was wonderful to see first-hand how the donations are assembled to provide an essential service to local people in need.

Over 30 boys volunteered to visit Wycombe Food Hub; however, as  the venue can only hold a maximum of eight boys, we plan to visit this hugely impressive operation again soon. The staff at Wycombe Food Hub were very grateful for their hard work and have welcomed us back another time. An unforgettable experience.






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