A Challenging Day at Bradfield Science Competition

Ibrahim, George, Dhruv and William, accompanied by Mrs Gemmell, enjoyed a challenging day at Bradfield College, where they explored Biology, Chemistry and Physics and ended with a magic trick.  Here, they recount their inspiring day…


There were containers of citric acid and a white powder. First, we had to add 25ml of citric acid and one spoonful of sodium hydrogen carbonate powder into a measuring cup and checked the temperature then next we did the same but added one more scoop, then temperature then did the same until we had a temperature of 0 degrees, but we got 3 degrees. Whilst  answering questions and drawing a graph.


In Biology, we split our group into two groups with Ibrahim and George in one and William and Dhruv in the other. We looked at maggots and counted how many maggots were in the light side or the dark side in every 15 seconds. Also, we had to look in a microscope and detect which type of terrain they fitted in whilst answering questions about both tasks.


In Physics, we made our own speakers out of: paper, card, wire, Sellotape and smiley faces. Then we connected it to the Head of Physics’ phone with the wires and George Ezra came out (his song ‘Shotgun’).

The Grand Finale

At the end, we all gathered in the hall for the Head of Science to show us a science show which really put the fun into science! There were so many fun things that happened…

George’s favourite: I enjoyed the part where the Head of Science wine in a glass and it was red, then he put the same wine into a different glass and it was transparent! All the other glasses where different colours too!

Ibrahim’s favourite part: I liked the bit where he exploded two balloons, one was red fire and one was green.

Dhruv’s favoured part: I liked the part were he poured this transparent substance into another substance and it turned into foam and went everywhere and it looked so cool!

Willian’s favourite part: I liked the magic bit when he put the two transparent liquids which then made the liquid a different colour and the the bit when he made the foam explode.

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