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DAS Visit Home of UK Motorsport

Over the course of Years 7 and 8, boys in the Senior School participate in the Davenies Award Scheme (DAS), which provides enrichment to their learning experience. Sessions take place on Monday afternoons, after lessons, as well a host of ‘Whacky Weekend’ activities on a Friday evening, or a Saturday. Frank, who joined Davenies in Year 7 this academic year, tells us about the boys’ recent trip to Silverstone…

The trip to Silverstone was very interesting and exiting! To start off with, as soon as we entered the museum through the spinning doors (which was a challenge for some!) we were greeted by the current Mercedes F1 car hanging from the ceiling on thin cables and directly in-front of us was a multi-million pound motorbike leaning at a 75 degree angle! We then made our way upstairs to enter the main museum but, beforehand, our eyes were drawn directly to the cars out on the track going at about 80-100 mph whilst winding in between Silverstone’s tricky corners. We then entered into the museum and were immersed in a full view animation of the history of Silverstone. We then proceeded through and found out about how Silverstone became a race track (used to be an air strip in WWII) and different corners on the track. Luffield was a corner that I explained to Ethan about the technique needed for this . We regrouped and went downstairs where we saw the race technology;  fireproof race suits, the invention of downforce, suspension and tyres. We then proceed through until we got to a race simulator with a 360 degree projected screen. It was amazing!

After the eventful morning, we reached the end and the gift shop (a highlight for some!). After people spent their money, we got back on the road for an hour and a bit. It was a very successful trip and I would definitely recommend it for someone else to enjoy!

Frank Edwards, Year 7

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