Davenies School

Year 1’s Outdoor Learning Day

Year 1 took their learning beyond the classroom for a day in the Great Davenies Outdoors.

The sun shone as boys in Year 1 spent the day outside in a specially set up area for learning. The boys started the day by creating a green paint chart with an array of greens. They then went off on a green hunt and collected as many different greens as they good from the natural environment, matching what they had found to the paint chart they had created. It really heightened their awareness of how many different shades of one colour there can be. Next, they took part in a weights and measures scavenger hunt, looking for things such as a flower smaller than their thumb nail, a stick about 10cm long, the smallest stone or something that will float the slowest. It was an amazing challenge and one that the boys reveled in.

After lunch, it was outdoor phonics and a chance to investigate herbs and mix them in a pestle and mortar, as well as mixing potions and making shape pictures from natural materials. All in all it was a truly amazing day and one that they will hopefully remember with fondness.

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